Monday, October 22, 2012

Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color

I absolutely adore Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color! First of all, who wouldn't LOVE a paint with that name; i.e. Forget-Me-Not? Check out the color swatch from the Sherwin-Williams website:
Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color
Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color
I first became acquainted with the color palette of Sherwin-Williams in June 2011. After buying my home, I worked out a color palette for my painter. Working off the cottage color palette of Stanley Painted Furniture, I picked several coastal chic colors from Sherwin-Williams.

The SW6824 was the final color that I selected, and initially felt it may be a bit too bold. I needed to cover a deep gray, like battleship, color that was in my front room. That room was used by the previous owners as a sports room. I was converting the room to an art sitting room. Asking my professional painter what he thought about the color, he assured me it was a great color and would not be too dark or bold.

Looking back at all the Sherwin-Williams colors that I selected, I am more than thrilled about the beautiful violet purple of Forget-Me-Not SW6824. Check out the color in a corner of my art sitting room:

jaguarjulie art sitting room painted with sw6824
Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color
On Monday, October 15, 2012, I was looking through my remaining Sherwin-Williams paint to select a color for one wall of my garage. The previous two days, I painted my garage as part of a BzzAgent project for Benjamin Moore Aura Waterborne Interior Paint. The two walls of my garage were painted with HC-137, Mill Springs Blue, which is a teal-like color. I thought the SW6824 would provide a nice contrasting wall.

Here is that garage wall before the Sherwin-Williams SW6824:

jaguarjulie garage wall before unpainted
Garage Wall Before : Unpainted
Now, take a look at that garage wall after it has been painted with just one coat of Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint.

Garage Wall After : Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color
You can see the purple paint as it contrasts with the Benjamin Moore Aura HC-137, Mill Springs Blue. See more of that garage in my blog post entitled Benjamin Moore Aura Paint in Action!

Purple is a color that I personally love! I generally like to wear a OPI nail polish which rather looks like that SW6824. I've also sponsored a start wearing purple initiative with my page perfectly titled Start Wearing Purple : Including Gogol Bordello. I've included Gogol Bordello because I credit them with the title of "Start Wearing Purple" as that is one of their gypsy punk songs.

In closing, my review of the Sherwin-Williams SW6824 Forget-Me-Not Paint Color is 5 stars, and I give it two thumbs up. It is a color that evokes an emotional response within me ... akin to something more than lust. Something like a strong love that makes me want to smile and hug somebody. On top of that, this color looks beautiful in my art sitting room AND in my garage!

And, what about that OPI nail polish that I generally like to wear? Why it is OPI Nail Polish Purple With A Purpose! In fact, that OPI nail color is a great color match for the SW6824! I have also found a new poptastic neon purple color that reminds me of Forget-Me-Not! It is Pucci-licious Poptastic Color Club Nail Polish. Check out my review of Pucci-licious!

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