Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Red Fraggle Rock Costume for Adults

Hello confident and sassy ladies! Have I got the Halloween Costume that is perfect for you! It's the Fraggle Rock Red Costume for Adults! If you are a fan of bright colors of red, orange and yellow, this costume will make you smile.

Red is a feisty Fraggle who is so fiery that her hair explodes into two red frizzy pom poms! If you're a tough broad, a no nonsense kinda lady, then you need a costume that appeals to your strength and fire! That's why you need the Red Fraggle Rock Costume!
Fraggle Rock Red Costume for Adults

The Fraggle Rock Red Costume for Adults comes complete with:
  • Raging red, long-sleeved shirt
  • Pair of orange shorts
  • Attached orange tail ending in a poof of red frizzy hair
  • Pair of yellow stockings
  • Matching yellow gloves
  • Matching yellow shoe covers
  • Raging red headpiece
The Red Fraggle Rock Costume headpiece comes with Red's famous bulging muppet eyes and two flaming red frizzy pom pom ponytails! Oo La La! There is a hole in Red's mouth through which you can see and navigate.

Get together a group of your gal friends and all dress up in the Fraggle Rock Red Costume for Adults! Make an impact at Halloween and other costume opportunities.

Check out this fabulous Official Fraggle Rock Video: "Do It Anyway!"

What do you know about Fraggle Rock? Fraggle Rock is more famously known as Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock. Of course, Jim Henson created the children's live action puppet television series. The Fraggles are the central characters of this series and you'd be right to think they look like Muppets! Get to know more about all the Fraggle Rock characters. You'll be amazed at the personalities and the creativity!

The show ran from January 10, 1983, to March 30, 1987, on CBC Television in Canada, ITV in the UK, HBO in the United States, Channel 7 in Australia, and TV1 in New Zealand. --Learn more about Fraggle Rock and the infamous Fraggles on Wikipedia!

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