Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Surviving the Divorce and Moving On

Good day to my readers who haven't totally deserted me. Life can be quite tough these days for couples dating and for couples in a marriage. But think about how tough it can be for single people!!! With the difficult financial and employment landscapes of today, going it alone can be incredibly challenging and quite daunting. I won't soon be writing a guide to tell you how to survive a marriage, but I do see that there is a market for that type of book.

This is my segway blog post to help me transition in my writings from the previous to the future. And to offer up an explanation for what the heck I have been doing in my personal life. What I found with my divorce is that things were not as they seemed. I found that I lost many of the friends with which I shared good times during the marriage. After the divorce, those friends seemed to evaporate into thin air. One friend told me "not to worry as those must have been shallow friends." Maybe, but what happened to YOU? He was gone too.

jaguarjulie is available
Jaguar Julie is Available! Yeah.
I served the ex with divorce papers on my birthday of all days: July 9, 2010. I do not recommend using your birthday in this fashion. You know, Seth Godin's birthday is July 10th? I only mention that because of how much time I have allocated to his platform of Squidoo; and because I did more of a celebration of my birthday on the 10th.

After some two plus months with the really expensive attorney, I released the high-powered attorney in October 2010. Working with the ex, we came to a divorce settlement, that I now realize, really favored him. I hate that he changed things in the settlement after I released my attorney!! In hindsight, not a smart move on my part. The divorce was finalized on November 16, 2010. But, I'm afraid the ex is going to make me wait until 2018 to pay me what he owes me! That stinks; enough said.

Well whatever! I have officially finished the grieving period for said divorce. In the meantime, I let my poor blog suffer. It is now officially time that I got a move on.

On the dating front: Any peers out there in single-land? Have you recently been divorced? There is hope for us in these trying times. I have yet to pen that personals ad. My friends, thank GOD for my friends, have suggested I try, PlentyofFish, OurTime and eHarmony. Yikes, dating!!! Have you tried any of those sites and have a success story? Oh ... please tell me about it.

On the employment front: I made a little time this past week to update my two branded websites: Jaguar Julie and Jaguar Julie Designs. On my about me page: "I am currently accepting inquiries from forward-thinking, dynamic companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area."
I am seeking to secure a creative marketing position with a very special company and boss. [in Jacksonville, Florida] I prefer a smaller-sized company with a tight nucleus of professionals. At this point in my creative career, I'd love to be a meaningful part of a team of creative web builders and writers.

I'd thrive on being able to have a creative consultative environment to brainstorm concepts with a creative team of my peers. Writing and editing are two core loves of mine; along with creating unique and clever product fact sheets, product labeling, and newsletters.

Oh, and I hope to work my blogging in there too. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what can get my motor running in any given day.

P.S. There is light at the end of that tunnel for surviving the divorce and moving on. I hope YOU have found your own light!

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