Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coconuts over coconut reef

Yesterday we spent the day on Amelia Island and cruising the sights and shops of Fernandina Beach. What a beautiful day it was for us courtesy of Mother Nature. Today though, Mother Nature has presented us with that type of day in which you blog about what a beautiful day it was the day before ... ah yes, that glass is surely half full.

We live in Jacksonville, Florida. So, that drive to Amelia Island can be quite breathe-taking and stimulating. I love nature, sand, beaches, and water and other beauties of Mother Nature. It was a invigorating drive up the A1A coast of North Florida to our day's destination.

The four guys got in a great day of golf thanks to hubby's most handsome golf pro cousin, eligible single bachelor Clayton. An aside: later that evening, we stopped at the Sand Dollar on the way home. Yikes, they really need a parking valet for that creative parking lot! Oh, and I do hope Clayton is able to hook up with those nice young ladies we talked with there.

So, the guys are off golfing and us gals hit the shops of Fernandina Beach. We first hit two huge flea market type stores -- no names to be shared as the second one! Woo-hoo was that ever a smelly store. Good grief shop owners, please do not bring those horses which pull the carriages into the store. Polly and Barb protested hugely that they wouldn't go into that stinky store. Me? Well, I put my finger under my nose and walked every aisle. But, I could only take so much. We continued on our journey, continually protesting, "I smell horse!" I sure hoped that I didn't smell like a horse.

I've not done much store-shopping over the past few years because I've become so internet-driven. However, I did make time to try on a few different dresses at several shops. In trying on that first dress, I discovered a brand that I was unfamiliar with, coconut reef.  The dress fit quite snugly; I liked it that much I would have bought it, but there was no room for shrinkage; so I let it go.  Today I did a Google search for coconut reef but could NOT find that very dress I liked so much.

So, if you know anything about the coconut reef line, or you see any of those dresses from that brand, please give me a holler!  TYVM.  Oh, let me give you an idea about that particular dress I liked so much!  It is a black sleeveless artsy sundress.  It is cut in an A-line with a large, flouncy ruffle at the hemline that rises up in the middle to reveal a view of your in-shape legs.  I didn't think the ruffle continued onto the back of the dress.  The artsy part was artwork on the front of the dress, along with some beady embellishments.

Hey, I am coconuts over coconut reef -- so please keep me in mind if you find that brand.

On to the next fabulous find!  It was at The Gauzeway that I found another cool dress that I liked.  The brand is Maria de Guadalajara, "the new look of old Mexico."  I had selected two different styles of the 100% cotton gauze dresses to try on.  I wasn't wild about the ruffly purple wrap dress as it had too much going on.  I next tried the sleeveless, long A-line dress that had a hint of ruffle on the shoulder straps.  "BINGO!" I said.  I had grabbed that same style in another color and tried that one on too.  "OMG" I thought "I simply must have both of these dresses in the same style!"

I found my shopping buddies Polly and Barb and told them something like "I was one with that dress!  It was something spiritual ... I felt like a flower child ... I must buy that dress!"  I returned to the 30% off sales rack and spotted the dress in yet another color!  Holy moly batman!  I bought three dresses of the very same style from the Maria de Guadalajara, "the new look of old Mexico" brand.  That's a wow for me and I do think a first.  How many of you ladies would do that?  You know, you find something you like and decide one is not enough?  Oh, a special shout-out for The Gauzeway personnel.  I asked, "Is that you best price?  You know considering I'm taking 3 of these?"  Nice surprise that it was 35% off.  Thank you very much.

If you find yourself on Amelia Island, you must spend a few days touring the shops of Fernandina Beach.  Who knows?  You just might find yourself a couple of new brands of artsy clothing and resort wear.

P.S. I was just searching Amazon for Modern Kiwi.

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