Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cruising for a bruising

This afternoon, I guess you could say in a sense that I was "cruising for a bruising" in that I was cruising or doing a variety of Google searches to see what I could find on bruising.

Yesterday we had dinner with some work associates. During dinner, I had no indication that anything was out of order with one of our associates. She was wearing a long white blouse over her purple sleeveless turtleneck top. It was time to say our goodbyes and that's when someone asked if I had seen her arms. "Huh," I asked, "what's wrong with your arms?" Well, let me tell you that I saw something I have never ever seen!

Holy moly batman! Our friends arms were discolored intensely with blues and purples of massive bruising. "OMG!" I exclaimed, "what did you do to your arms?" Actually the OMG was really something else, but this is a G-rated blog. You know what she said? She was golfing!!!

What in the world does golfing have to do with extremely discolored, bruised arms??? Oh, it was earlier at dinner that she DID ask me if I had considered again taking up the game of golf ... at this time ... NO!!!!!!!!

It seems the doctor ordered over 9 tubes of blood [oh, good thing that wasn't my doctor eh?] I wonder if he was trying to drain the blood from the bruise? OK, I think not, but just thought that was a lot of blood to be drawn.

So, my cruising for a bruising today directed me to blogging about it. Boy oh boy is it ever difficult to find straightforward answers to such medical type questions! I found this one site that seems to want to rule out wrong diagnoses ... but I was getting lost with all the gadzillions of links.

I guess arm bruising -- symptoms and diagnoses -- would be a good topic for a Squidoo lens???

I'm hoping that our friend and work associate will be OK, but it got me thinking ... what in the world would cause so much bruising from a sport that she loves? Let me say this again! "Holy moly batman!"

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