Monday, October 13, 2008

Jessica Alba and our friend Dave

Jessica Alba and our friend Dave; what they have in common! We have a married couple who qualify to be called rock stars or even super stars because they are actually quite remarkable people. Both Dave and Victoria have a theatrical background that is secondary to their normal income-producing careers. They have an intense appreciation for art, being art collectors for a number of years. In addition, Dave is a wine collector and aficionado who is an encyclopedia of data on wine. Just ask him about a bottle of wine, he’ll tell you all about it.

Well, it was football Sunday at another some friends’ house and there was Dave – his usual slightly ‘on’ style entertaining all the guests. It was well into the 4th quarter of the game, with about half of us sitting out on the back porch getting that seven second preview of the Jaguars game. Victoria was sitting in the living room with the rest of the guests, getting the seven second delay of the game. More than a couple of times, Dave would run into the living room to announce a really good play that the Jaguars made. I’m thinking that this must have annoyed a couple of the guests who wanted to see the good plays unfold for themselves. Perhaps Victoria finally said something to Dave.

Jessica Alba in Hannibal Lechter muzzlePerhaps it was what Victoria said to Dave that prompted him to share a ‘cute’ bit of info with me. Because he is so ‘theatrical’ by nature, he can get quite passionate when he is ‘fussing.’ “The other day I was really upset about something,” says Dave. “Victoria just looked at me and smiled. ‘Dave, you are not at your most attractive.’” Imagine that! To hear Dave tell it, Victoria calmly brought him out of his funk with a single sentence. I’m thinking that’s what she must have said to him in the living room.

Surely, the latest television campaign which features Jessica Alba in a muzzle the likes of Hannibal Lechter would qualify as an unattractive offering. I’ve got to admit that I don’t truly get the imagery of lovely Jessica Alba in a muzzle which is meant to inspire me to get out and vote or ‘keep my mouth shut.’ I’m sure it is also intended to get people talking like I’m doing right now. But, Jessica dear, you are not at your most attractive! Can I get one in a size large for my friend Dave? ;-)

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