Friday, October 24, 2008

Pork and beef stuffed cabbage rolls comfort food

Comfort food for the economic crisis :: pork and ground beef stuffed cabbage rolls! My Hungarian grandmother Julia Nagy was married in 1928, a year before The Great Depression of 1929 -- which happened to be the very same year that my mother was born. Because my grandparents and mother survived perhaps the worst time our economy has faced YET, my grandmother knew a lot about comfort foods.

Grandma's #1 comfort food was undoubtedly her stuffed cabbage rolls. She was pretty well-known for her recipe. Grandma's stuffed cabbage rolls were quite popular with her family and grandchildren. She loved to use a mixture of pork and ground beef to stuff her cabbage rolls. But, it was her "secret ingredient" that made her cabbage rolls so special.

"Not everyone will add that secret ingredient," grandma often reminded us, "but it is that "secret ingredient" that makes all the difference in the taste."

Are you a vegetarian and want a recipe for vegetarian stuffed cabbage rolls? If you prefer pork stuffed cabbage rolls, I've got a recipe for that along with a recipe for the classic pork and ground beef stuffed cabbage rolls.

Our country is facing an economic crisis that is harkening back to The Great Depression. I don't know about you, but I am going to have some of grandma's comfort food, stuffed cabbage rolls.

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