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Made in Hungary

Made in Hungary : Not Just Goulash! Many designer items are made in Hungary! Hey, Stella McCartney? It boggles the mind the designer items "made in Hungary!" It's not just goulash!

made in hungary flag colors
Hungarian flag-inspired image by JaguarJulie
As you may have guessed from the title, this article is about anything that is made in Hungary. I personally wasn't made in Hungary or born there, but my grandfather was.

An incredible amount of time and work went into composing this article. So much research, you wouldn't believe it. And effort to organize the sites with Hungarian information was colossal.

In May 2004, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of traveling to Hungary and Romania to trace my roots to see my grandfather's birth city. That is my inspiration for this particular lens about Made in Hungary.

When a person thinks of Hungary, probably the first thing that pops into his or her mind is goulash. But, when you think about Hungary, it's really not just goulash, it is so much more! How appropriate that the term goulash in English is occasionally used to mean any mixture of diverse things. That's what this lens is also about ... a goulash of diverse things 'made in Hungary!'

By the way, the significance of this page to Squidoo lensmasters? Oh, simple! This was one of my first instances of writing in a series of related topics! In March 2006 I initiated the "Made in" series of lenses to celebrate all that is Eastern European. To celebrate my heritage.

Made in Hungary: You may be surprised at all the "things" to be found that are made in Hungary!

By the way, YOU may be surprised. Check out my "Made in" series of pages. Made in Bulgaria, Made in Czech Republic, Made in Hungary , Made in Poland, and Made in Romania.

Made in Hungary Poll
Please answer our question on Made in Hungary. Giving you a flavor of Hungary, which is your favorite Made in Hungary food?
  1. Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
  2. Hungarian Goulash
  3. Hungarian Chicken and/or Veal Paprikas
  4. Hungarian Spaetzle
  5. Hungarian Pastries and Desserts : poppy seed roll, nut roll, butter horns, kifli
  6. I love all Hungarian and Made in Hungary food products!

A Lot of Research
This article has been a "labor of love" as I put a lot of passion into writing and compiling the data and hope you will find lots of helpful information if you are planning a trip to Hungary or want to buy something that is "made in Hungary."

"Made in Hungary," quickly became part of my trilogy of "made in" articles when I next wrote a similar article about all the designer brands that are "made in Romania." I quickly followed up those two made in lenses with my trilogy "Made in Poland" lens along with three different groups, Everything Eastern European, Everything Hungarian, and Everything Romanian!

In addition, I've written 2 additional "made in" articles: "Made in Bulgaria" and "Made in Czech Republic." I hope you are able to take some time to check out all my "made in" articles as they are jam-packed with a diversity of information sure to amaze you! You won't believe all the wonderful, recognizable designer brands which are made in Eastern European countries!

A Pictorial of Old Hungary
Setting the mood for this "Made in Hungary" page. A few years ago, I incorporated a visit to three cemeteries in Satu-Mare, Romania, and one cemetery in Budapest, Hungary to photograph headstones while tracing my families history. I could honestly do more vacations like this.

These pictures are of old Hungary, Szatmar-Nemeti, which is known today as Satu Mare, Romania. I've included them as an introduction to my page so that you can get in the mood for "made in Hungary!" I took these pictures when we traveled to Hungary and Romania in May, 2004. What an incredible experience this was and I'm happy to share my pictures with you. I hope you enjoy.

Check out my Flickr photo slideshows:
* Nagy Hungarian Monuments slideshow on Flickr.
* Satu Mare, Romania slideshow on Flickr.
* Satu Mare Historical Postcards slideshow on Flickr.

"Made in Hungary" Name Brands
I'll bet you'd be pretty surprised to learn just how many brands are made in Hungary! I assembled the following list of branded items "made in Hungary" from active listings on eBay:

Alba, American Girl, Ann Taylor, Baumler Avantgarde, BCBG Max Azria, Benetton, Berwin & Wolff, Bogner, Bonpoint, Breckenridge, Cerruti 1881, Christian Aujard, Coach, Cornell, CRISCA Escada, Dana Buchman, DKNY, Dries Van Noten, Earl Jean, Escada, Faconnable, Feraud, Harve Benard by Bernard Holtzman, Hess Frackmann, Innocence, International Scene, J. Crew, Josef Seibel, Kishi, Lacoste, Lanz of Salzburg, LaMax Alba, Laura Ashley, Laurel, Levi, Liz Claiborne, LL Bean, Louis Feraud, Marc Jeffries Bronze Collection, Margaret Godfrey, Mark Henri, Marni, Mondi, Oilily, Pez, Pleasant Company, Polo, Portland, Puma, Rene Lezard, Rockport Dresports, Rodier, Sonia Rykiel, Stafford, Stanley Blacker, Stella McCartney, Strenesse, Theo Miles, Thierry Mugler for Mugler Trademark, Think!, Vass, Zippo, and Zodiac.

Oh, and don't forget that the Audi TT is made in Hungary as well.

"Made in Hungary" found on eBay
It's not just Goulash!
On a rainy Saturday, I sat at my computer browsing the some 1313 items found on eBay for "Made in Hungary." What I found was the "expected" collectibles, pottery, embroidery, and gypsy music. But, to my amazement, there were many items I'd call "unexpected."

The listings reflect a "goulash" of items: Collectibles (390), Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses (317), Housewares & Kitchenware (11), Decorative Collectibles (8), Music (201), Records (140), CDs (56), Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop (184), Cards (183), Pottery & Glass (119), Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (108), DVDs & Movies (98), Home & Garden (86), Toys & Hobbies (38), Consumer Electronics (13), Dolls & Bears (13), Crafts (10), Books (9), Antiques (8), eBay Motors (8), Health & Beauty (8), Jewelry & Watches (8), Live Auctions (7), Sporting Goods (6), Business & Industrial (2), Computers & Networking (2), Musical Instruments (2), Cameras & Photo (1), Cell Phones (1).

Searching on Google for "Made in Hungary," you will get about 94,000 results. For Hungarian goulash you get about 352,000; Goulash = 2,240,000 and Hungarian = 126,000,000.

The Expected Finds on eBay
The Unexpected Finds on eBay

More About Hungary
Hungary is a landlocked country. It had been a seaside country before the Treaty of Trianon, in Central Europe, bordered by Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. It is known locally as the Country of the Magyars.

In the time of the Roman Empire, the Romans called the region Pannonia (west from the Danube river). After Rome fell under the Germanic tribes migration and Carpians' pressure, the Migration Period continued bringing many invaders. First came the Huns, who built up a powerful empire under Attila.

The name "Hungary" may be influenced by the name of the Hun people, although it probably comes from the name of a later, 7th century Turkic alliance called Onogur. After the Hunnish rule faded, the other Germanic tribes Lombards and Gepids ruled in Pannonia for about 100 years, during which the Slavic tribes also began migrating south.

In the 560s, these were supplanted by the Avars who would maintain their supremacy of the land for over two centuries. The Franks under Charlemagne from the west and the Bulgars from the southeast finally managed to overthrow the Avars in the early 9th century. Soon after, the Franks retreated, and the Slavonic kingdom of Great Moravia and the Balaton Principality controlled much of Pannonia until the end of the century. Finally, the Magyars migrated to Hungary in the late 9th century.

The country of Hungary isn't very big geographically; some 107 Hungaries would fit inside Canada. It has 111 people per sq. kilometer which is much higher than Canada at 3.1.

The climate and weather of Hungary is quite similar to that of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Hungary enjoys lots of fresh produce in summer from fruits and vegetables to wheat crops.

CIA Fact Book on Hungary
Find these facts and more about Hungary at: CIA Fact Book on Hungary
  • Area: 93,034 sq. km.
  • Size: slightly smaller than Indiana.
  • Population: 10,006,835 (July 2005 estimate).
  • GDP: 68.9 billion Euro.
  • GDP growth: 3.5% ~ Hungary's GDP growth rate is steadily 2% higher than the EU average.
  • Inflation: approximately 4.7%.
  • Age structure: 0-14 years: 15.8% (male 813,203/female 769,687); 15-64 years: 69.1% (male 3,405,559/female 3,511,141); 65 years and over: 15.1% (male 547,323/female 959,922) 2005 estimate.
  • Ethnic: Hungarian 92.3%, Roma 1.9%, other or unknown 5.8% (2001 census).
  • Natural resources: bauxite, coal, natural gas, fertile soils, arable land.
  • Agriculture: wheat, corn, sunflower seed, potatoes, sugar beets; pigs, cattle, poultry, dairy products.
  • Industries: mining, metallurgy, construction materials, processed foods, textiles, chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), motor vehicles.
  • Exports: $61.75 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.) -- ranked #38 of countries worldwide.
  • Export partners: Germany 31.4%, Austria 6.8%, France 5.7%, Italy 5.6%, UK 5.1% (2004).
  • Currency/exchange: forints per US dollar - 196.83 (2005).
  • Internet users: 1.6 million (2002).

The Hungarian Language
A Finno-Ugric Language: The Hungarian name for the language is magyar. The Hungarian language is a Finno-Ugric language spoken in Hungary and in the adjacent states of Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Austria, and Slovenia (all are countries to which Hungary had to cede territories after World War I).

There are about 14.5 million speakers, of whom 10 million live in Hungary. Approximately 1,434,377 ethnic Hungarians (magyarok), live in Romania. The largest minority concentrations are in the Romanian region of Transylvania, including the counties of Harghita (Hargita), Mures (Maros), and Covasna. Learn more about the beautiful language of the magyars.

Hungarian Gypsies - Ethnic Minority of Hungary
  • The Gypsies in Hungary
    The Gypsies are Europe's most deprived and fastest growing ethnic minority. They comprise several distinct tribes originating from Central and North-Western India between the 5th and 12th centuries.
  • Hungarian Gypsy Music: Whose Heritage?
    The Hungarian instrumental dance music of the early 19th century--so-called "verbunkos" music--along with Hungarian popular songs.
  • Golden Age of Gypsy Bands
    In the second half of the nineteenth century, the word 'Gypsy' as used in Hungary and abroad most probably referred to Hungarian Gypsy musicians rather than to the Gypsy ethnic group in general.
  • Hungarian-Speaking Gypsies
    Each tribe had its own occupation and spoke a separate language or dialect of Romany (the original Gypsy tongue). Hungarian-speaking Gypsies, or Romungros who were among the first to come to Hungary centuries ago, produced bricks and did other work.

Hungarian-American List
Hungarian Cuisine/Food

Hungarian Governmental/Official Sites

Hungarian Historical Genealogical Info

Hungarian Info Lists of Lists

Hungarian Literature/Media
Hungarian Manufacturing

Hungarian Miscellaneous

Hungarian Museums

Hungarian Music
  • Hungarian Composers
    Much information on Hungarian composers; it's classical culture!
  • Hungarian Music Page
    Check out the "rich in history" Hungarian Museum.
  • Hungarian Radio
    Growing up in Cleveland, I remember my grandparents were always tuned in on Sunday mornings to Hungarian radio!

Hungarian Sciences

Hungarian Tourism

Hungarian Travel

Thanks for visiting!
We hope that you found all that you were looking for at Made In Hungary, a very special flagship type of page for me. You see, I come from a family of Eastern Europeans who can trace their heritage into parts of Hungary and the Austro-Hungarian Empire along with other points of interest on the continent of Europe.

I love that we can connect through the internet to share ideas and to even locate relatives who have found our family trees.

So, do you love Hungary? Are you Hungarian or know someone who is - aside from Zsa Zsa or Eva Gabor. Do you have something that is made in Hungary? Better take a moment and check that label as you just never know where something is made these days.

Have you actually visited Hungary? Do you love Hungarian foods?

History: Made in Hungary: Not Just Goulash was originally created on Squidoo by JaguarJulie on March 30, 2006. Highest lensrank ever achieved: #295 overall. Lens #3 in the quest for Giant Squid 100 Club Charter Member 2007.

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