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Best Canopy Beds

Add a little romance and a lot of feng shui to your decor with the best canopy beds ever! The romance of the canopy bed! Sssh, don't tell anyone, but I am deeply in love with canopy beds. Yes, others may tell you they are in love with the internet, well OK so am I and for that matter, so am I in love with writing online. And, connecting with other writers and peeps. B-U-T, canopy beds are a whole 'nother matter of love!

Mantra Canopy Bed by Mauro Bertame
We will feature my "top of the line" canopy beds that I would love to own and that maybe you too would love to own!

IMHO, a canopy bed can add a little romance to your life. If my budget would afford it and I had high enough ceilings, here is my dream pick! It's often referred to as the Mantra Bed, the Feng Shui Bed, or a contemporary canopy bed.

You can seriously add a little romance and perhaps a little feng shui to your bedroom with the best canopy beds!

This is a very sharp and unique bed designed by Italian designer Mauro Bertame' observing the principles of Feng Shui. Ah, can you feel it already, the Feng Shui?

Photo Credit: The fabulous Mantra Bed by Mauro Bertame. Ah, Feng Shui. 

Quick, Express Your Love!
These beds are so romantic I think! Feng shui too. Do you dig canopy beds or not?
  1. Oh I seriously dig these cool covered beds.
  2. Not into them.

The Mantra Bed by Mauro Bertame
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed! 

The Mantra Bed by Mauro Bertame

  • Astute Advance
    Astute Advance has the Mantra Bed listed at $8,450.00 with a 10 to 14 weeks leadtime on shipping directly from Italy.
  • Europe By Net -- Japan
    US Toll Free Number: 1-888-660-4870
  • Europe By Net
    176 x 212 x 182h cm - Wenge $5,873 exc. VAT vs. US$ 7,150. 176 x 212 x 182h cm - Teak $6,115 exc. VAT. 216 x 212 x 182h cm - Wenge $6,906 exc. VAT vs. US$ 8,560. Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks.
  • House Studio - Romania
    Check out the cool pictures here of this gorgeous bed.

Celeste Sky Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Celeste Sky Bed

Here is another favorite of mine! The Celeste Sky Bed designed by Kris Van den Berghe is a new concept in sky beds that encompasses modern design conveying a cocooning tone with a touch of Zen!

Celeste is a mobile sky you can place over any bed; it transforms your sleeping area into an intimate sleeping hut!

Where do I find the Celeste Sky Bed? 
  • Creme Fresh
    Creme Fresh has a number of cool pictures of this sky bed.
  • Animation of Celeste
    An animation view of the Celeste.

Cloud Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

cloud canopy bed by courtney skott
OK, I know when you think of a "canopy bed," you don't normally think of a hardtop! But, this bed is so cool -- it actually transitions between the canopy and sky bed.

Courtney Skott describes her design as being inspired by Ming Dynasty-era Chinese alcove beds, and the idea of the bed as a 'room within a room.' Here the form is updated, and the mobility provided by the casters lends itself to flexible, open-plan contemporary living spaces.

The overall form is pierced with a pattern derived from digital photographs of clouds taken on a trip to Patagonia. The cloud motif refers both to the Western association of clouds with sleep and dreams, and the Chinese symbology of clouds as a harbinger of rain and fertility.

Can I BUY the Cloud Bed?
  • Cloud Bed at Courtney Skott
    Well, if you want to buy one of these, Courtney says, "There is only one, currently disassembled in a rented storage space."
  • A photoset on Flickr
    Some cool pictures of this creation. Hey Courtney? What about selling a kit to make these?

Voyage Canopy Bed 
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Voyage Canopy Bed
I adore this bed designed by Kenneth Cobonpue and again, you'll note this is a variation on the "canopy" theme!

This bed is made of Buri, the core of the coconut leaf, which gives the bed a nature-like design. It's also composed of steel and abaca.

Would you believe? There's also an outdoor version of this bed. How cool is that? You can get it in a queen or king size too. OK, I want one of these!!!

Where can I buy the Voyage Bed?
  • Kenneth Cobonpue's Website
    You'll want to check out this website for an overview on all the product offerings of Kenneth Cobonpue! Who knows, you may find more than the Voyage Bed.
  • Furniture Seen -- LA
    As featured in Furniture Seen--LA.
  • Muleh
    You can find this bed and some other stylish designer furniture items at Muleh.

Maria Magdalena Canopy Bed 
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Maria Magdalena Canopy Bed
Honestly, when I think of a canopy bed that's romantic, this one hits the spot!

The Maria Magdalena is a Moor & Moor design.

There are undoubtedly imitations of this canopy bed, but you can get the true Maria Magdalena only from Moor & Moor.

Where can I buy the Maria Magdalena?
  • Moor & Moor
    Check out the designer's website.
  • Das moebel
    Das moebel features this stylish canopy bed along with other very stylish designer furniture items.

Crimea Canopy Bed 
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Crimea Canopy Bed
This beautiful italian canopy bed was designed by Vico Magistretti a world-renowed Italian designer. Wikipedia has a bit of his biography.

What I like about this particular canopy bed is its clean lines and versatility -- the bed is adaptable. This bed comes out from the idea of traditional canopy beds of the nineteenth-century and revised into a modern style.

The slim structure in white-lacquered iron creates an elegant color contrast with the gilt brass rings of the vertical supports.

Where can I buy the Crimea?
  • Flou Italy
    If you understand Italian, check out this page!
  • Unica Home
    Unica Home has a number of Vico Magistretti's designer items.
  • 6a3a.ru
    Get another cool shot of this cool bed.
  • Design-Italia Museum
    This bed is in the museum!

Antonio Citterio Canopy Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Antonio Citterio Canopy Bed
Again, it's another Italian bed! Yes, this bed harkens to Romeo and Juliet. It's designed by Antonio Citterio and manufactured by Maxalto.

It's contemporary with a touch of the classic. This canopy bed is available in the brushed cognac oak, brushed light oak, brushed black oak, grey oak and brown oak finishes, so there's surely one that will fit your tastes!

Where can I buy Antonio Citterio's bed?
  • Matisse International
    Check out this website for more information.
  • B and B Italia Maxalto Collection
    OMG, what a collection of beautiful Italian furniture you'll find here!

Otto Canopy Bed 
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

otto canopy bed Paola Navone for Gervasoni

OMG, this is one gorgeous bed!! I think the photography really sells this, don't you? IMHO, it not only is romantic, but has that touch of zen.

It's another Italian design by Paola Navone for Gervasoni.

Here it is pictured with a backdrop of bamboo which bring a bit of nature to your bedroom. Ah...

Where can I buy the Otto?
  • Gervasoni
    You'll definitely find yourself spending more than a couple of minutes oohing and ahing at this bed and the other great Italian designer items!
  • Decopasion
    As seen at Decopasion.

Jose A. Gandia Canopy Daybed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Jose A. Gandia Canopy Daybed
This canopy bed is a transitional and versatile bed that can work both inside and outside.

It's a Jose A. Gandia design, manufactured by Gandia Blasco.

It's made of anodized aluminum with removable canvas upholstery of plastic material that's a polyuretane foam rubber available in a variety of colors.

Where can I buy the Gandia Daybed?
  • Matisse International
    Check out a variety of view of this daybed here.
  • Sabz France
    Sabz has a variety of cool designer items including this daybed.
  • Zeitlos-Wohnen
    As seen at Zeitlos-Wohnen Germany.
  • Clima Outdoor
    Fine outdoor furniture is available at Clima Outdoor.
  • Iber Maison
    To get an idea of the gorgeous variety of Gandia Blasco designer furniture, check out this site.

WE81E Canopy Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

WE81E Canopy Bed

OK, I will be the first to admit that when I found this bed that the name of it didn't particularly do anything for me aside from the "WE" in the title denoted a "you and me" and that CAN be romantic, right? Yep.

But, digging a little further on the Gervasoni website, I found that it was really short for their "Weekend" Collection. Well, how clever is that? This is another Italian design by Paola Navone.

Where can I buy the WE81E?
  • Gervasoni
    Take it from me, you MUST spend a few minutes on this site. I'm absolutely in love with Italian designer furniture!
  • Decopasion
    As seen on Decopasion.

Francis Canopy Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Francis Canopy Bed

This canopy bed is called the Francis, but it bears a resemblance to a couple of other beds shown above.
I'm trying to find this bed online, but only find it currently at one site.
Stay tuned for further details!

Where can I BUY the Francis Canopy Bed?
  • Living Space UK
    Living Space UK seems to be the IT place for buying this bed!

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed
This canopy daybed comes in espresso with white cushions.

LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed
LexMod Siesta Outdoor Rattan Canopy Bed, Espresso with White Cushions

This canopy daybed measures 63-inches long by 63-inches wide by 31-inches high. The set includes all weather synthetic rattan weave powder coated aluminum frame with water and UV-resistant, machine-washable cushion covers. Use it outdoors in your backyard, on the patio, or bring it in for a sense of romantic mystery!

Stephen Owen Canopy Bed 
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Stephen Owen Canopy Bed

This particular canopy bed is a recent find. It's romantic and it's not an Italian design. Stephen Owen is an English furniture designer-maker from Surrey. He describes this bed as a romantic brief ... for a silver wedding anniversary resulting in a fairy tale bed flounced with French voile ... Four poster in Brazilian Walnut features attached cabinets and integral lighting.

Where can I buy the Stephen Owen Canopy Bed?
  • Stephen Owen's Website
    Probably the best place to start for buying this particular bed is directly from Stephen Owen's website. See more pictures there.
  • Waverley Borough Council
    More information about commissioning work with Stephen Owen.

Reflections Canopy Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Reflections Canopy Bed
Yes, this canopy bed is romantic AND affordable plus it's available in the United States from Neiman Marcus.

It's an inviting bedroom suite with a rich hardwood, espresso finish. It has burlwood inlays along with carved details.

The bed is available as a canopy or four-poster.

Where can I buy the Reflections Canopy Bed?
  • Neiman Marcus Online
    This bed was available in a variety of sizes and ON SALE from Neiman Marcus. It's definitely affordable.

Riva Metal Canopy Bed
Add romance and perhaps a little feng shui with the canopy bed!

Riva Metal Canopy Bed
The Riva Canopy Bed is romantic, affordable, and quite stylish!

The headboard and footboard grills feature an intriguing pattern of 1/2-inch scrolls, tied with detailed wire wraps. The all-welded grills arch upwards in graceful swirls and curves, completing the 1 inch top rail. The distinctive shape on the center spindle casting draws your eye to the heart of the bed. Tall one-piece posts showcase beautiful, cast finials on top.

Best of all, the Riva hosts a simple linear canopy. It's the perfect place to drape billowing fabric to soften the architectural lines.

Where can I buy the Riva Canopy Bed?
  • Eco Furniture / GreenCulture
    OMG, this is such an affordable bed--you have got to check it out!

Get an Animal Print Throw!

You know, I actually have an animal print throw like the Bedford Home Throw Blanket, Fleece/Sherpa, Leopard! Throw it over your platform bed! Say, it gets a little cold even in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is 100% Polyester so it machine washes! It is composed of PV and Sherpa fleece. It measures 50 inches by 60 inches and will easily cover your daybed or sofabed!

Love that animal print; you know?

Dream, Imagine, Live, Laugh, Love !! in a Canopy Bed
Embrace your feng shui in a canopy bed!

Find a little romance with a canopy bed! IMHO, a canopy bed will add that touch of romance to your life--you owe it to yourself! So, do you love canopy beds as much as I do? Did you recently purchase one? I'd really love to hear from you!

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