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Lamarthe Designer Handbags

Have you heard of the wonderful luxury designer handbag brand of Lamarthe? It is a best-selling European luxury brand with a muse. Until recently the popular French line Lamarthe could only be found in the chic department stores of Paris.

lamarthe little black designer bag
Recently, Lamarthe's Exception bag was named as one of Elle France's "Top Ten Must Haves."

With hot French designers like Sophia Levy styling for Lamarthe, their bags are now coveted by celebrities like Marcia Cross, Angela Bassett and Ziyi Zhang.

I've been familiar with the brand of Lamarthe for several years since I purchased my first little black Lamarthe bag that was actually "made in Rumania" and found on eBay!

It's a best-selling European luxury brand, Lamarthe with a muse, that was launched in North America! I love Lamarthe Designer Handbags!

Photo Credit: Lamarthe designer handbag from JaguarJulie's personal collection.

My little black Lamarthe bag!

It was actually "made in Rumania" I found this petite black leather handbag on eBay and just had to have it; primarily because of it's uniqueness and the fact that it is "made in Rumania."

The purse bears the embossing of Lamarthe, which is a designer name of handbags that usually are made in Paris. This baguette quite possibly was from a sample run. It's black with white piping with two tags inside; one is "claim #47," and the other reads "Made in Rumania." The size is compact, 9" x 5-1/2" and appears to be new. The zipper pull is also marked Lamarthe.

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Hello and welcome to one article in my series! Oh my. We're glad you enjoyed your visit today to check out the fabulous designer Lamarthe. What a beautiful brand. I've been writing about designer handbags for quite a few years online. I started out loving my own designer bags and then I started selling them. Now, I might sell one or two of my fabulous collectible handbags from my personal collection, but I'm not selling handbags online. I'm just passing along to you my fashion expertise and style sense.

I've shared lots of information and given tips on what I find to be stylish in handbags. I hope you find what you are looking for. Got a question about this brand? Well, please take a moment and let me know ... leave me a comment. Thanks for dropping by!

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The Unicorn!

the unicorn is the lamarthe symbol
The unicorn is the emblem of the Lamarthe brand. The mare with a moon-like coat, surmounted by a spiral tusk used to appear in medieval fables. A symbol of purity, of strength and beauty, the unicorn has been celebrated by masterpieces of literature and painting.

It is now celebrated by Lamarthe which it symbolizes.The brand of Lamarthe has a "muse." Elettra Rossellini Elettra Rossellini is "the muse of the brand" of Lamarthe and Rossy De Palma is the director of Lamarthe's new short film for the Winter 2007/2008 collection.

P.S. Coincidentally, I have written about muses, such as Elettra Rossellini, in the past. More about Elettra Rossellini, the Muse of Lamarthe - Profile Of Elettra Rossellini on Fashion Model Directory.

Lamarthe Collections for Autumn / Winter 2007-2008

lamarthe designer collections 2007 2008
Les Bulles
First Class
Exception Wild
Opium Sauvage

Press Release:
Lamarthe Paris opens first boutique in UAE at Dubai Festival City United Arab Emirates.
Wednesday, July 04 - 2007 at 12:45

lamarthe paris unicorn
French fine leather goods company Lamarthe Paris is proud to announce the opening of its first boutique in the UAE at Dubai Festival City.

The new Lamarthe Paris store exudes the brand's chic Parisian style, while displaying their dedication to elegant design and exquisite quality. Lamarthe Paris has long been renowned for their practical yet sophisticated creations and has continued their allegiance to the luxury leather goods market since 1930.

The concept of the Lamarthe boutique is built upon the art of reflection, the material used is a combination of wood, tinted glass and mirrors, leather finishing and other refined material that gives the boutique a touch of sophisticated elegance. The boutique's architectural design is not only modern and contemporary, but also has a touch of history and a distinctive feel of the old times. The Lamarthe design strives to become a woman's signature of style and individuality, carrying the Lamarthe brand she can truly feel her best and be proud of her reflection.

Considered by many as the world's most luxurious leather goods, Lamarthe Paris handbags are works of art that demand attention and respect. Handcrafted of the finest leather, each Lamarthe Paris purse is a testament to elegance.

The face of Lamarthe Paris is American actress and model Elletra Rossellini (daughter of film icon Isabella Rossellini) who perfectly portrays the Lamarthe image of contemporary elegance and impeccable luxury. 'Tough yet casual, totally Left Bank, drop dead gorgeous with more wit than she knows what to do with … Lamarthe is Elletra, Elletra, is Lamarthe,' says Lamarthe Paris.

'We are thrilled to be opening the first Lamarthe Paris boutique in the UAE, a classic name in Parisian fashion and amongst the world's leading upmarket fine leather goods brands. We are thoroughly committed to developing and establishing the Lamarthe brand in the UAE market,' says Xavier Bouin, Managing Director of Euroluxe LLC.

Founded in 1930 by Alfred Lamarthe and represented by the company emblem of the unicorn symbolising purity, strength, and beauty, the company holds a rich history along with spectacular design. --AME Info.

Find a Lamarthe Designer Handbag

Browse the variety of Lamarthe Designer Handbags available on Amazon. You might be surprised!

Do you love Lamarthe?

Have you discovered this luxury designer brand? Do you own any Lamarthe handbags? I'd love to hear from you.

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