Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Collection Agencies Harrassment SOS

This is my second SOS post regarding the harrassment by so-called Collection Agencies. Previously, on September 17, 2011, I wrote an article, Collection Agencies Harrassment SOS. At that time, I detailed numerous collection agencies who were calling for a particular person who had my phone number before me.

It was a tedious experience trying to get all these different agencies to stop harrassing me. Well, it seems another company has gotten the collection record for the latest person who used to have my phone number.

Julie Ann Brady cat Boots licking the window
Julie Ann Brady and her cat Boots give a lick!
I keep getting calls from 800-580-8615; despite having asked them to remove me from their list, they persist in calling me. Today, at approximately 2pm EDT, I called 800-580-8615 and finally got a person who didn't seem pleased to be talking with me. When I told her I was not the person they were seeking and please remove my number, she said OK. I then asked her what number are you removing. She said, "we have your number." Yeah, I have yours too!!

I also took some time to send a message through Syncom's online contact form asking them to remove my phone number. The form wouldn't go through without my email; now I'll probably be getting spam emails!

There is a Chanel S. person in Jacksonville, Florida that is being sought by Synergetic Communication (Syncom) -- the latest agency who keeps calling me. I had already told one of the previous people calling me from Syncom to please remove my phone number from their calling list since I was not Chanel S. nor did I know who she is. And, I don't know anybody that knows her! But, I can Google that woman and probably tell you where to find her!

I just went back through my caller ID to chart how many times Syncom has called me from 1-800-580-8615:
  1. 4/30/14 - 1:11pm
  2. 4/25/14 - 10:50am
  3. 4/22/14 - 12:36pm
  4. 4/17/14 - 7:50pm
  5. 4/16/14 - 7:37pm
  6. 4/15/14 - 4:13pm
  7. 4/14/14 - 4:54pm
  8. 4/11/14 - 12:10pm
There are two other phone numbers that have called me a couple of times in one day:
  1. 386-233-3552
  2. 630-318-4762
I'm not sure which of those numbers is connected to the strange message that you hear when you answer the phone; "please hold for an important message." And, then you will hold and hold and hold waiting for a live person to come on the line.

Have you been hounded by collection agencies phone calls meant for somebody else? Oh boy, I have had more than one person's share! I'm thinking it is about time that I got a phone call telling me I won the Publisher's Clearing House $2 Million Sweepstakes with $10,000 a month for life!

UPDATE: At 3:07pm on April 30, 2014, I received a reply email to my online contact submission:
Good Afternoon Julie,

We do apologize for the inconvenience, We have removed your number and you will no longer receive calls from our agency.

Thank you,
Rachel Y. Sutton
Invoicing Specialist & Reports Coordinator
Synergetic Communication INC.
Phone: (866) 793-5401
Let's see if I get any more phone calls from Syncom!


Wednesday Elf said...

I get the same kind of calls, Julie. They don't seem to get the message that I don't KNOW this person... and I am NOT them. Very annoying, to be sure. Good luck getting off their lists! :-) ~Elf

Julie Ann Brady said...

Elf! Nice to see you. Yeah, it is crazy that I get so many of those calls. It never fails; you know, I go to change my phone number and then it's somebody else the collection agencies are seeking.

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