Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who IS Listening I Wonder

Have you ever paused for a moment in your daily lives, in your internet presence, to speculate as to Who is listening to you? Who is reading that message you have put out there? How many of your readership base is totally getting what you are putting out there? Are they maybe "hearing something else?" You know, not hearing what you originally intended for them to hear?

Well, I was wondering this morning "Who IS Listening?" And, more importantly "do they really get IT?" I honestly think that worldwide there is a bit of information and meaning that gets lost in translation. Sometimes you may have a humorous message and you wonder if that "humor" is totally understood?

I was curious as to what specific countries make up my Squidoo readership base, the platform that occupies a pretty good majority of my time.  Take a look at this chart.

There is no surprise here that the United States is the top country on the list; however, I might have thought the percentage would be a bit higher than 58.55%.

The Top 5 countries responsible for bringing in the readership base to my Squidoo lenses or article base include, in descending order: the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

Gosh, can I make the assumption that about 60% of my readership base will TOTALLY get what I am saying and understand the entire message?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  It's important to understand who is listening when you craft your article and message you know.

You know, it does make sense that Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are in the Top 5! These 5 countries account for 79.62% of the overall readership base.  So, an assumption could be that, on the very best day, and in the very best crafted message or article, I might be lucky to have 80% of the people TOTALLY get what I am saying.  You know what I am saying?

So, thirteen other countries comprise 9.0% of the overall readership base: Philippines, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, France, Netherlands, Hungary, Malaysia, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, and Romania.

And, it is an OH WOW for me to see this particular list of countries.  You know why?  Well, I write a LOT about Eastern European topics and about Hungary, Poland, and Romania ... so that is sort of a plus for me to be connecting to a readership base from those very countries, you know?

What countries comprise your readership base?  Who are your Squidoo readers?  Who is listening to you?

P.S. I also write on a second blog, the Topicability Blog. Gosh, I wonder if the worldwide readership base for that blog is comparable to that which comprises my Squidoo lenses or article base? You think?

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Julie Ann Brady said...

Hello, how are you today? Did you know that the Squidoo lensmasters at the June 10, 2010 Squidoo Meetup in Pasadena were talking about how they had heard there had been a cloning of Jaguar Julie.

Can't wait to meet that clone!

HI EVERYBODY! Good to see my fans, friends, peeps and acknowledging said trolls.

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