Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX Commercials - The Day After

Just a little buzz on the Super Bowl XXXIX commercials! Don't want to feel left out of the opinion sharing! I really wasn't too bowled over by what I saw, and generally I don't laugh too often. American Idol tryouts make me laugh if that tells you anything!

FRIES MAKE ME NAUSEOUS! I personally did not GET THIS commercial about the Lincoln Fry. You've got to be kidding me that this would be a legitimate offering; i.e., a french fry with the profile of Abraham Lincoln! Give me a break! I guess this is something geared towards the younger generation. And, what about that strange grilled cheese sandwich on eBay! Hmmm. "The first commercial to score with searchers was a McDonald's spot about a french fry resembling Abraham Lincoln. Playing off a web trend of auctioning famous faces found in food items, the spot spurred a flurry of searches on 'Lincoln Fry'."

The WORST !! "FedEx turned its Super Bowl marketing playbook back to 1998, when it won plaudits for a witty commercial by BBDO Worldwide in New York, part of the Omnicom Group, that mocked the conventions of Super Bowl commercials. The 2005 version, also from BBDO New York, crammed into 30 seconds the 10 ingredients purportedly guaranteed to insure Super Sunday success. They included an obligatory celebrity (the actor Burt Reynolds), a bear (the required dancing, talking animal), two lissome cheerleaders (representing attractive females) and, when the bear became a film critic, one of those surprise endings so beloved by copywriters of Super Bowl spots. The best moment: When Mr. Reynolds paused to deliver a pitch for FedEx, it was identified on screen as Item No. 8, 'Product message (optional).' "

Oh My GOD!! It was Burt Reynolds again ... and in a really dumb commercial ... looking stiff [that mask thingy] and dancing? Burt -- Burt -- Burt ... you've got to quit while you're ahead!!! Give it up!!!

YUMMY!! I enjoyed the buzz on Batman Begins.

CLASSY! Personally, I've enjoyed the Budweiser commercials over the years and agree that "despite the timidity of many advertisers, Garfield said there were a few standouts. He called a Budweiser commercial featuring the signature Clydesdale horses "charming," and another Budweiser ad saluting U.S. troops 'tasteful and poignant.' "

IS THAT A BANANA IN YOUR POCKET?? I also went slightly bananas over's monkey business ads, having worked in similar company in my vast career! Sorry, no names please!

HA HA HA!! The top of my list, and my husband's who viewed the Super Bowl at a separate location from mine, was Ameriquest's cat in the kitchen commercial. "The top of my favorite commercial list was Ameriquest's ad showing a man cooking a surprise dinner by way of an ominous-looking knife. The man's cat walks along and knocks over a pot of red sauce. The man picks up the sauce-covered cat just as a woman walks through the door. The last shot shows the man holding a threateningly large knife in one hand, and the cat covered in sauce in the other hand. Coincidentally, the sauce is the same color as blood. The words 'Don't Judge Too Quickly' flash on the screen, and the advertisement continues to assure customers that the insurance agency wouldn't judge too quickly either. This shockingly funny commercial nearly caused me to miss the following commercial."

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