Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Latest Trends - Fashion News From Alexis and Gianni

Here is the latest "scoop" from Alexis and Gianni . . . I just found this website this morning and will definitely be a customer when I'm in the market for new, hot, fashionable furs!! Why don't you check them out and see for yourself.

What’s the color? Earth tones, black and pastels. That’s what’s hot for fall 2004. Call it back to nature, perhaps it’s because animal prints remain strong, but calm, soothing rusts, beiges and browns are “in” this year. Black still holds a monopoly, but pastels are the other colors to talk about. Women who gravitate toward color are going to find baby blue, pale pink, light apricot and winter white strong in the selection to choose from.

What’s everyone showing? A touch of fur is a must this season. Whether on a vest or jacket, a handbag or hat, a shoe or boot, this little accent will give everything is adorns the post treatment. Fur trims are being shown in every design and ready to wear collection affording all a little luxury.

What’s new? Laser cutting and carving ran the gamut, appearing on mink, sheared beaver, rabbit and shearlings. The use of laser carving gives the ability to add patterns resembling floral and crocodile, while cutting through the skin adds a perforated, lacey, feminine quality to already lightweight fashions. The use of
lightweight and reversible skins, both with and without laser enhancements, still prevail for the season.

What’s hot? Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles, that will be the must have to complete your outerwear wardrobe this fall. Whether on the hem, fronts or sleeves, or on all, ruffles are shown adorning shearlings, sheared and long hair minks, knits and leathers. Feminine and flowing, these flounces of fur and fabric are a winner!

What’s in? Call it a shrug, a stole or a capelet; the shoulder wrap is the hottest item on everyone’s shopping list this year. Having become younger and more artistic and unique, this small accessory is shown in fur and fabric combinations and knitted and crocheted designs. These little pieces are anything but ordinary.

What’s for him? Fur and shearling in the men’s collections have hit an all time high for fall 2004. Men, having finally realized the warmth of fur, will be seen in the latest looks from coast to coast and continent to continent. Cool and conservative, hot and urban, stylish and sleek, all looks in men’s fur and shearling outerwear.

Check out FOXY BROWN collection! It's hot. Go shopping and see what HOT furs you can find here.

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