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Hollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress

One of my prized collectibles is a Hollohaza Hungarian porcelain figurine of a seamstress in a traditional folk costume. This female figurine is so special that it deems its own blog post!

Hollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 SeamstressHollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress
Hollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 SeamstressHollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress

This exquisite porcelain figurine is made in Hungary. It measures approximately 9 inches tall and 3-1/2 inches wide at its base. The seamstress is dressed in the prettiest folk costume that has an array of colors including black, blue, green, red, teal, white and yellow. She is captured in between her embroidery with her work that sits on her lap. There is an incredible amount of hand-painted detail.

Hollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress Markings

Hollohaza Hungary Porcelain Marks:

Image of a Green Fir Tree
kézzel festett


The porcelain marks are stamped in green on the bottom side of the base of the porcelain figurine. The number 63 is written in black.

When reading the "1831," some have mistakenly interpreted it to be "4834" because of the style of the "1." The words "kézzel festett" are Hungarian for hand-painted. This figurine is item #8065-2081 and sells for $129.95 at Klugex.com.

Close-Up View:

Hollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress Close-UpHollohaza Hungarian Porcelain 1831 Seamstress Close-Up

If you are interested in purchasing my porcelain figurine, leave me a comment expressing your interest.

P.S. You can find this Hollohaza Hungarian porcelain figurine on eBay and at Klugex.com. Searching on eBay, I actually found a few of this very item! The eBay listings were priced from $50 to $100 with up to $30 for shipping. I'm happy to see that so many people appreciate this type of collectible!

I have another female Hollohaza porcelain figurine that is kneeling. It is also quite special. Over the years, I have also collected several other Hollohaza porcelain figurines. Look for those porcelain collectibles in future blog posts!

What about Hollohaza? The town of Hollóháza is located in the Zemplén Hills, near Hungary's northeastern border with Slovakia. In 1831, the Hollóháza Porcelain Factory was established there.

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I have one exactly like yours, so beautiful. My friend gave to me as a present, didn't know it was a collectible item

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