Friday, January 15, 2010

It pains me to tell you this!

If you've ever experienced an injury to your writing hand, you might know how it feels to do the simplest things in the course of a day's work. For me, my normal job involves working on the computer and having the dexterity to do design too in addition to writing.

Do you know how painful it is to type after having a car trunk slam on your hand? The day it happened, I couldn't look at my hand and wrist because the overwhelming feeling of sickness was, well OVERWHELMING. That moment of impact and pain will stay with me I fear a very long time. After all, this is my livelihood! I am a writer, a designer, a photographer and everything else that I can think of that requires me to be able to use my hands.

The "accident" occurred on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at about 3pm in the afternoon in the parking lot of our local Publix grocery store. I sought urgent care treatment that same day. I waited 5 weeks to seek further medical evaluation and treatment. That's me! In the past, when I've had "injuries" -- a SLAP tear, meniscus tear, ruptured disc, achilles tendon tear, and morton's neuroma -- I have never gone directly to a doctor. I do the "wait and see" approach.

This past Wednesday I was talking to my dentist as he numbed up my mouth to remove the large broken crown. He is into "neuromuscular aesthetic dentistry," so I asked him for his medical opinion. He told me he had a similar issue with his forearm and recommended someone to see in "neuromuscular and myofascial therapy." So, that's where I went when I left the dentist. Luckily, I was scheduled for an evaluation with a doctor who previously worked with pain management. Pain management for me is a LONG story for another time ... "been there and definitely done that" ... like square one!

It's two days later and the pain from the massage therapy is pretty intense. Yesterday I had to cut my work day short and lie down. Today I suspect it will not be another full day for me either. Sorry guys! At the moment I'm thinking that maybe I should have had a MRI before launching into that massage the other day. I'm going to be making a couple of phone calls to offer up that thought.

Bottomline? My health insurance has about a $1,500 deductible and I've not met it. Oh, and the dentist bill will exceed that amount, however I don't have dental coverage. Darn it. I think it was my mom who suggested calling my car insurance company, first of all, to ask them about problems with car trunk hydraulic struts ... you know, any recalls? I am considering myself very lucky right about now that my PIP coverage will cover my medical bills 80/20 up to $10,000. Thanks for small favors I say!

So ... it has pained me to tell you all this today ... but it was important for posterity should anyone else be in my shoes! Oh, size 9M. ;)

See that hand and wrist? Hubby took that picture not quite 5 days after the trunk slammed on my hand.

It gives you an idea, if you use your imagination, of how hard it might be to work on the computer and rest your hand on that mouse.

Along the outside of the wrist is where the latch unit of the trunk made contact!


kimmanleyort said...

I know I can't really feel your pain but I'm tryin. Sure looks painful!

Cheryl Kohan said...

That really does look painful, Julie...I totally sympathize. How frustrating that must be, too.

Maybe you should check out voice recognition software for your computer. Don't know much about it but might be worth looking into the pros and cons. I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't be on the computer!!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Hey Cheryl! Yep, I think Anne the squidster suggested that too and might I add, I'm thinking more and more about that each day. Good to see ya. Rock on my dear! Warm fuzzies to YOU. ;)

Julie Ann Brady said...

Hey there Kim! Imagine this, "oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang!" Channeling the experience your way. Good to see ya today!

Christine P. said...

Wow, that's a big :(

So sorry, hope therapy whips you back into a full keyboard condition quickly.

Jeff Wendland said...

Typing left handed is not easy and it is very frustrating. I hope you can get tuned in to get on track to heal that hand and wrist up.

Rich said...

Using my hands constantly for the type of work I do, I really feel your pain, Julie.

Hoping things improve quickly and you're back to 100% soon :)

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