Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A word of caution about hydraulic struts in car trunks!

It was just a week ago that I experienced "quite" a painful injury to my right hand, wrist and forearm when the trunk of my Mercedes-Benz SLK-230 slammed closed with that significant part of my body in the way. Without going into lurid details, it was an incredibly painful moment -- with lots of sound effects oh my! and many pleading prayers to the man upstairs. As I was in the parking lot of a grocery store, I could have dialed 911 or hollered for a stranger to help. Instead, I retreated into the front seat of my car until I could compose myself and drive myself home ... and put away said groceries.

Getting straight to the point! The next day, after seeking urgent medical care attention, I one-handedly googled to find if any other poor soul might have experienced a similar injury. I found two forums for Mercedes-Benz and SLK drivers, and left a one-hand typed caution. You see, I found several car drivers mention being hit in the head with their trunks, but no one said they injured their hand. What my message to those of you with those hydraulic struts meant to hold open your trunks, IF you get a warning bang on the head, HEED it! Immediately replace those hydraulic trunks struts.

At this time, some seven days later, the cast-like splint has been removed and I have been informed that I have no broken bones. I have just started to use my right hand to type; however, I am not pain-free. We are waiting to see if I need to follow up with an orthopedic doctor ... fingers crossed = not.

julieannbrady hand wrist and forearm injury from car trunk hydraulic struts failing

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Cheryl Kohan said...

How awful, Julie! Fingers crossed, for sure, and warning noted. You might want to tweet it, as well.

Jeff Wendland said...

Ouch, I was wondering how you hurt your arm.

On the bright side, at least your nails still look good =)

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Cheryl. Hopefully no one else will experience such a mishap.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks Jeff. I guess the cast/splint does focus on my nail job. Gosh, sure glad I didn't break a nail. ;)

Gary Anderson said...

Hi Julie, just saw your arm. Glad to see it wasn't serious. Gary

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