Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Returning from a brief hiatus -- I am back!

Isn't it just incredible? With the proliferance of social media platforms coupled with all the social interactions, if you miss a day, you miss a lot! Then try and imagine if you miss several days ... how incredibly challenging it can be to play catch up and try to figure out who, what, where, when, how and WHY? Well, don't you just hate it when life has to interrupt our online interactions? It sometimes might contribute to our friends thinking us as a bit anti-social or non-interactive.

Multitasking and multiple responsibilities certainly have kept me busy ... and I know a lot of moms and Rocketmoms out there are similarly busy. Whew!

I've been scanning a variety of forums and platforms to get a feel for what I've been missing. It is impossible to communicate with everyone or have the time to intelligently contribute to everything, so I've got to pick and choose.

I did make time to create some new lenses though. You see, these are a bit of therapy for me as is my Zazzle store. But, I'm noticing that my previous visitors aren't calling on me lately -- but I do see them elsewhere as I visit MANY lenses on a daily basis. Could it be all the groups of Squidoo that are occupying these people? Oh, I do hope they decide to come outside their comfort zones and groups to pay me and others a visit. I know the Rocketmoms include quite a few members now; shucks, the other day I visited a brand new -- JUST created -- lens to see 19 star ratings! Holy moly batman -- I've got lenses that are months and months old, but have one hand's worth of star ratings! Hello, can you hear me now?

I think Tony and Achim would both agree that I need to write more on the topic of humor. I am working on that and came up with a little ditty the other day. A little tongue-in-cheek humor exercise today -- putting words in my mouth(((s)))! ;)

P.S. Time for a remark from our sponsor(s). I sure would love to see a really good sports-minded lens. You got one??? Hey, let me know so I can visit it. Oh, and HELP!!! I think we are being overrun by zhu zhus.


Julie Ann Brady said...

Let me see! I'm looking at my lensmaster profile to see that I have rated 6,173 lenses to date. I can think of a few other lensmasters who have rated more lenses than that. Oh, and I see that I have 1,676 fans currently. Hmmm, imagine if each of those fans decided to visit at least once. You know it is an interesting phenomenon to have fans that you've never 'seen' visiting. As an interesting statistic, I do think one of my top traffic lenses has only 507 star ratings. What happened to the other 1,100 fans? Hmmm.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Yo Yo Yo! Hold the phone. Someone must have been reading my mind as I just visited a loverly lens by my friend Susan. Have a NFL Christmas! Football decor for your favorite teams. Wow, Susan put a lot of time and effort into getting all those sports links for each decor. Love it! Now that's a sports-minded lens and it is shopping too. Bravo my dear. As I said, "I'll take one each please for the Jaguars."

Linette said...

Welcome back! Now that I think of it I haven't seen your sunny face around as much lately:-)

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