Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Zazzle Shirts With a Bit of An Attitude -- Say What?

So, you've heard the news right? That JaguarJulie finally decided to make that commitment and opened her Zazzle store for her Jaguar Julie Designs! Yessirree Bob! JaguarJulie has over 16 years of online ecommerce experience behind her belt. She's not calling herself an expert or pro seller although she does have the credentials to prove it.
My line of Shirts With a Bit of an Attitude is a complement to my Squidoo lenses. These shirts are a bit of a social commentary on the too much information that is in our lives today, thanks to the internet.

Want to get a peak at some attitude? Some attitude shirts? You'll want to drop by the attitude article, Shirts with a Bit of an Attitude where everyone is welcome. Young and Old! Rich and Poor! Ornery and Persnickety -- hey you get the picture! No one will be turned away. Take a moment to express yourself and say Hi -- keeping in mind that if you have a non-friendly attitude about it all, you er your message can be deleted! Isn't life grand?

But I know this be true -- that working on these shirts with a bit of an attitude has been very therapeutic for me. It's a form of release and a social commentary on the state of affairs today. Old-timers unite! What's old is new again, and all that jazz.


Cheryl Kohan said...

Congrats! I'm pretty sure that anything you do will be a great success and that would hold true for your new Zazzle store...I'm thrilled for you!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Cheryl, that is very kind of you to say that. Well, I took a long time debating whether I wanted to have a Zazzle store -- but it just seemed like perfect timing for me. A transition of sorts along with an ability to express myself, do a little social commentary, and let off some steam! Didn't want my head to explode after all. Saving hundreds of dollars in therapy.

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