Sunday, May 03, 2009

I am nuts about nut rolls AND poppy seed rolls

nut roll and poppy seed roll from Bubba's HomeBakedMy favorite Hungarian pastries are poppy seed rolls and nut rolls - like my grandma Julia Nagy used to make. For years and years, I looked around to find the Hungarian pastries that were as good as hers. Finally, I found them! Bubba's HomeBaked were making them from grandma's recipes!

A couple of weeks ago, we ordered a 2 roll bundle which included a nut roll and a poppy seed roll from Bubba's HomeBaked. That's a picture of the 2 rolls before we tore open the package to begin devouring these delicious rolls. If you can't make up your mind which type of roll that you'd like to sample, you may want to order the 2 roll bundle from Bubba's HomeBaked. You'll get one poppy seed roll and one nut roll. Yumm!

nut roll and poppy seed rollHere is a picture of a couple of slices of poppy seed roll AND nut roll that we had. We had it at room temperature the first time we ate them. And the rolls were probably 1/2" slices. However, after sampling these rolls a number of times, we found our favorite manner of preparation.

Suggested Preparation:
Cut about a one inch slice of the nut roll and/or poppy seed roll and placed it in a microwaveable dish. Liberally spread on the top of each slice your favorite butter. Cover the dish with a paper towel. Microwave until the butter has melted and the rolls are warm. Time will vary from approximately 30 seconds to a little longer if more than one dish is used. Let me tell you that this was a wonderful experience once the fillings were warm and juicy!

The nut roll and poppy seed roll have a long history with families of Eastern European descent. My grandmother Julia Nagy made these rolls usually for the holidays. Her heritage was Hungarian and Slovakian; so we became accustomed to her special recipe. She didn't spare any of the special ingredients to make her rolls the best. I'm happy to say that having sampled Bubba's HomeBaked nut roll and poppy seed roll that these definitely remind me of grandma's!

Want more information about these traditional Hungarian pastries? You may be interested in checking out the more in depth articles I've authored on the nut roll and the poppy seed roll. Check them out today. Who knows, you just may learn something new.

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