Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The best stuffed cabbage Hungarian vs Polish recipes

You undoubtedly know that I am the Stuffed Cabbage Queen! I've been talking about stuffed cabbage offline for too many years to report -- actually since I was a young child in Cleveland, Ohio in my grandma Julia Nagy's kitchen. My grandma was the master at preparing stuffed cabbage rolls with her authentic Hungarian recipe. I can remember quite well her telling me that not all stuffed cabbage was prepared correctly. Her recipe included what was the secret ingredient to making her rolls delicious.

Then, along came Martha Stewart who has done a marvelous job in promoting stuffed cabbage with her Polish recipe for golabki. She also has a twist on the stuffed cabbage recipe that includes of all things carrots and apricot preserves. I am part Polish and certainly like Polish food and Polish recipes, but I will save those apricot preserves for the butter horns!

hungarian stuffed cabbage rolls cooking on stovetopIt is incredible how popular stuffed cabbage rolls are today. Stuffed Cabbage has become a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, people are preparing them not only on the stove top, but also in the oven and crock pots!

Normally, I use my crock pot for my stuffed peppers and will sometimes put them in the oven. But, Hungarian or Polish stuffed cabbage really should be made on the stove top in a cast iron pot. Grandma didn't use bacon or put anything to sweeten her rolls. My mom also recently reminded me that grandma used plenty of pepper -- yes, black pepper along with Hungarian paprika.

Want to learn how to make Hungarian or Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls -- authentically? Check out my recipes. Get grandma's authentic Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage rolls recipe -- with that secret ingredient! You know, there is even a vegetarian recipe for Hungarian stuffed cabbage!

Want to learn how to cook the Hungarian or maybe Polish way? Check out these cookbooks that I recommend:
  • Cooking the Hungarian Way (Easy Menu Ethnic Cookbooks)
  • Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
  • June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Heirloom Recipes Third Edition
  • Hungarian Cookbook: Old World Recipes for New World Cooks, Expanded Edition
  • More Hungarian Cookbooks
  • Great Polish Cookbooks


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being featured today on Redgage! Someday I'll get around to having some stuffed cabbage. I think it should be the official food of Squidoo at this point.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thanks my dear for taking time to drop by -- sure do appreciate it. Hugs to you! ;)

Gesele said...

This recipe was the best! Made them for my new man who was going on about his memories of his grandmothers cabbage rolls..Thank you for providing me the opportunity to surprise him on Christmas with this authentic recipe! BTW, can a batch be frozen safely and for how long?

Tony Payne said...

These do look so good, I keep meaning to try them.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah Tony! We should have a meetup where each of us prepares our specialty dish(es). Wouldn't that be cool?

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