Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love the Hayden-Harnett line of designer handbags!

I first discovered Hayden-Harnett over three years ago when I was active as a member of Stylehive. You can find Hayden-Harnett's site over at Stylehive and at their corporate website. Interestingly enough, I joined Stylehive on March 22, 2006 ONE day after joining Squidoo on March 21, 2006. That was one busy month for me. Yessiree Bob!

It was because Stylehive was sponsoring a contest to win a designer handbag that I had the opportunity to discover Hayden-Harnett and be the first stylist to bring that brand to Stylehive some 34 or so months ago!

What I love about the Hayden-Harnett brand that it is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York! They offer the coolest line of handbags, accessories, work and travel items, and even apparel! Through the years, I've heard from Toni and Ben at Hayden-Harnett -- these people haven't paid me to blog about their beautiful line! It is true love and appreciation for some of the finest designer products that I lust over.

hayden harnett tamasin tote in blueberry colorblockThis morning's lust is for the Tamasin Tote. Oh my goodness it is beautiful. If Stylehive was sponsoring another contest to win this handbag, I might just be back to compete! If you follow me on Squidoo, you know that I've done a lens on Color Block -- I think Color Block is such a hot fashion trend. Who knew it could be oh so trendy in a handbag -- The Tamasin Tote in Blueberry Color Block is ga-ga-ga-gorgeous! I want it!!! Get this -- because of the high demand for this item, it is on backorder!

hayden harnett tamasin tote in brandyIf you are not adventurous enough to want that color combination, why not consider the chocolatey Brandy color! This beautiful tote is a great size at 13-1/2" long x 14" high x 5-1/2" wide. It comes with a Hayden-Harnett luggage tag. I like the interior lining which is a pretty print. And the 9k gold Hayden-Harnett logo plated on the interior zipped pocket is a nice touch!

Oh, the Tamasin Tote also comes in Black. It sells for $495.00 which is competitive for designer handbags. I recently saw the Tamasin Tote for sale at Nordstrom!

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Julie Ann Brady said...

Ever go back and read one of your blog posts? Well, I happened upon this post professing my love for the Hayden-Harnett Blueberry Tamasin Tote. OK, I know it is a bit extravagant at $495 for my tastes, but a girl CAN hope can't she? Maybe when the backorder comes in, there will be enough of these to put them on sale -- at 75% off? ;)

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