Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ah, the aroma of jasmine rice in Thai style chicken red curry

Mahatma Jasmine Rice packageI have a killer recipe for Thai style chicken red curry which my hubby is always asking me to make. In the past, I've always used the Uncle Ben's Boil-in-Bag Jasmine Rice to serve with my red curry. Jasmine rice is the only kind of rice that I serve with my Thai style chicken red curry recipe -- I couldn't imagine using any other kind of rice. The aroma and flavor of jasmine is such a wonderful complement to the red curry. I had always chosen the Uncle Ben's brand because I liked the convenience of the Boil-in-Bag.

Mahatma Jasmine Rice ready to serveWell, let me tell you about a new brand of jasmine rice I've just had the pleasure of trying! It is the Mahatma Jasmine Rice -- Enriched Thai Fragrant Long Grain Rice. That's the very package of the Mahatma Jasmine Rice that I received from BzzAgent to try. BzzAgent sent me a number of coupons for free packages of rice which I've given out to my friends to try ... I hope to be able to report that they liked it too!

It's really cool being a BzzAgent as you get to try so many different cool things that you can buzz about and then do your own word-of-mouth campaign. I've been a BzzAgent for many, many years; well before I became a Squidoo lensmaster. I must tell you, that learning the ropes as a BzzAgent certainly helped prepare me for being a better Squidoo lensmaster. I think BzzAgent and Squidoo go pretty much hand-in-hand. Oh, oh ... I've gone off on a tangent ... back to the business at hand!

OK ... so I cracked open that pretty purple bag [I so love the color purple you know!] of Mahatma Jasmine Rice and followed the instructions to make 4 servings. You take 1 cup of rice and add it to 1-1/2 cups of boiling water. Turning your pot to simmer, it takes about 15 minutes for the rice to cook. I add salt, pepper, and a little butter for flavoring. The rice seemed much plumper than the Uncle Ben's and hubby really liked the consistency. The Mahatma Jasmine Rice was a nice complement to my Thai style chicken red curry. Oh, and if you want to make this rice in your microwave, there are microwave instructions!

The Mahatma website says, "grown in the mountain highlands of Thailand for centuries, jasmine rice was first cultivated for the royalty of the kingdom of Siam."

Mahatma Basmati Rice packageMy next package of rice to try is the Mahatma Basmati Rice. This is a new type of rice for me in that I've never cooked with it before. According to one of my favorite online resources, Wikipedia, "its name means 'the fragrant one' in Sanskrit." Gosh, I can't imagine another rice as fragrant as the Jasmine Rice I just tried; but I am game!

"Our premium quality Basmati rice is grown in the foothills of the Himalayas where it is washed by the snow-capped mountains. It it perfect for dishes like Pulau or Biryani." --Mahatma website. Boy if that doesn't sound yummy, you must seriously not like rice! Well, I'm deciding which recipe I will be trying to complement the Mahatma Basmati Rice. Check back to see what I whip up!

P.S. Well, what are YOU waiting for? I suggest heading out to your local supermarket and picking up a package of Mahatma Jasmine Rice to try for yourself.


Cheryl Kohan said...

Great post, Julie! I have never tried jasmine rice but I do prepare basmati rice often. Just learned something new - thanks! BTW, do you have a link to BzzAgent?

Jarret Heil said...

this rice is AMAZING! i stumbled upon it this last weekend and i'm now hooked!

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