Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am temporarily unavailable as I am undergoing maintenance

Today, at 12pm Pacific time, 3pm my time on the East Coast, Twitter was undergoing maintenance expected to last one hour. When you tried to access your account, you were greeted with this adorably cute graphic image along with the note, "Twitter is currently down for maintenance. We expect to be back in about an hour. Thanks for your patience." Gosh, did you ever think what you did before Twitter came along? Nope, I can't imagine that.

I feel pretty much that way with Squidoo too! Although I probably love Squidoo a little more -- but heck, I am a Giant Squid 100 Club member after all who has authored over 430 lenses and had three lenses of the day. If you are a lensmaster, you know that I was the 2008 Giant Squid of the Year and that my Stuffed Cabbage lens earned the Best Cooking Lens and has recently earned a purple star and the #1 overall spot on Squidoo.

twitter maintenance With the one-hour of maintenance that Twitter scheduled today, it gave me time to write this blog post about that and to reflect on a Twitterstorm lens that I've authored about Twitter! How Often Should You Send a Twitter Update? I've checked in at TweetStats to get my average tweets per day which have climbed from about 8.2 to 11.2. But, because of the maintenance today, I'll probably drop in the number of tpd's!

squidoo maintenance ooops
Well occasionally Squidoo does a little maintenance, but I don't think it is usually scheduled in the middle of the afternoon. You see there are so many lensmasters who work throughout a regular day tweaking their lenses and authoring new lenses. Once in a while, something goes astray and there is that unscheduled or unexpected maintenance. That's when I recall seeing this Ooops -- taking me back to Square One! Oh, and also giving me the needed time off to blog!

Bottomline, we have our various online platforms which occupy our days. It really helps when we can see a sense of humor about it to help us lighten up in times that might make us a little testy! Know what I mean???


It is Monday, Memorial Day, here in Leesburg, Florida. I have been editing my Google blog posts for the past several days and finally made it to May 13, 2009. Holy Smokes, but ten years ago? What's crazy about my blog posts is that they contain a piece of my soul. Looking at my original and authentic content literally takes me back to the day that I wrote that content. And, thinking about the crazy and unscrupulous content scrapers on the internet really pains me.

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