Friday, January 07, 2005

Six Apart, LiveJournal Merger Creates Blogging Powerhouse

"There's money to be made," blog expert B.L. Ochman, author of "What Could Your Company Do with a Blog?," said. "As soon as that becomes clear, you'll see more mergers in the marketplace. This acquisition will certainly help Six Apart, which is starting to see quite a few competitors."
Six Apart, a developer and provider of blogging software and service, has acquired Danga Interactive, operator of LiveJournal, an online community organized around personal journals, for an undisclosed amount. The merger of the two blogging pioneers makes the new company a blogging powerhouse serving up 6.5 million blogs, with thousands more added daily, according to the companies. Analysts said it puts Six Apart in a better position to capitalize on the revenue-generating aspects of blogs.

Six Apart now has a complete package of blogging software and services.
  • TypePad offers bloggers a hosted service with more flexibility and power than free services.
  • Moveable Type offers corporations and institutions a server-based blog publishing platform.

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