Monday, January 10, 2005

As an eBay Seller Looking for What's Hot

As an eBay seller, I'm on the look out for what's "hot." And, I don't necessary mean "hot" as in those prolific knockoff or replica handbags, which are seemingly the rage. I can't tell you just how many sellers on eBay are selling knockoffs as the real genuine thing!

However, " has rules posted forbidding the sale of counterfeit goods, but it's not unusual to see Louis Vuittons on the site for less than $100."

I personally would rather sell the real, genuine article. So, I'm sticking to selling designer women's apparel with recognizable, authentic brand names.
  • Look for my listings under my eBay seller name: JaguarJulieBuys.
  • Check my positive feedback.
  • Purchase and pay with confidence as I'm PayPal verified and ID-verified on eBay.
  • My eBay store is Jaguar Julie Designs which just happens to be the name of my new company!
P.S. I stopped selling on eBay and only buy something once in a while. Being retired and a single senior, my life has changed significantly and I no longer have the energy to be a seller.

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