Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gadget for measuring color in the pressroom

At Graph Expo 2008 in Chicago, many companies involved in the printing industry will be demonstrating their new products and presses. I'm not attending this year, although I did have the pleasure many years ago. Probably the one company that impressed me the most was Heidelberg with their 'huge' printing press installed in a prominent location in McCormick Place.

For the past several months, I've been receiving an assortment of emails hinting about new products and invitations to visit various booths. Today, I received such an email from Techkon. You could register for an opportunity to win a Techkon SpectroDens Premium, as pictured here, to be given away at Graph Expo 2008.
Fast, reliable, and repeatable color means your presses are more productive. And you're more profitable. Engineered to perfection, the new Techkon SpectroDens delivers an unmatched combination of features and redefines color measurement. Single-click ease and solid-state design–no moving parts–lets you speed through color measurement at 3x the speed of conventional clam shell devices.

Doesn't that color gadget look pretty cool? Almost makes you want to be in the pressroom to be able to use it! It's a multi-functional gadget: a spectrophotometer and a densitometer; it's also a G7™ on-press color measurement tool. You can check you ink densities and perform an ISO-check on your colors.

Seeing such a tool as the Techkon SpectroDens Premium gives me a renewed appreciation for those involved in prepress and in the pressroom!

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Photography By Terri Harper said...

Yes it looks cool! I love gadgets and anything to do with art, color and graphics technology! Have a great evening!!!

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