Sunday, October 12, 2008

DIY becoming more complicated

Feather River Fiberglass Door from Home DepotHmmm, ever notice that DIY is becoming more complicated these days? Yep, the next time you decide to tackle a so-called do-it-yourself [DIY] project around the house, you better have the yellow pages handy! We didn't need to resort to the yellow pages, but we did know better to call a friend of ours, Roy, who is a handyman of sorts freelancing since he retired from his normal programming job.

We have been debating for more than a few months about replacing our beat up front door. After shopping Home Depot online, we identified a few possible fiberglass doors that would work for our 36" x 80" wooden door. Before committing to that Home Depot door, we consulted with our next door neighbor Joe who happily offered to help us get a door through his construction company. When Joe came back with the initial figures, we opted for a so-called cheap fix with the Home Depot door.

On September 27th, we picked up the door and brought it home. It was too heavy for me to lift with hubby, so we engaged Joe's son to help put it in the garage. It wasn't until Saturday, October 11th, that Roy was able to schedule time in his busy schedule to help with the install. The idea was that we would take the new door out of the frame and simply swap out the hinges and install it where the old door was.

Well, that was until we got to the final step after measuring to confirm the hinge placements. Those were supposedly spot-on. But the other side of the door wasn't lining up. It looked like we would need to fill the holes where the deadlock was placed. Next thing I know, hubby is in my office reaching for my tape gun. "What are you doing?" I asked. "The door isn't going to fit." he says. "What?"

The Feather River fiberglass door is NOT a 36" x 80" door after all! It actually is more like 36" x 79-1/4". If you want to have that door, you will need to totally 'tear apart' your front door frame to put it in ... in the frame that it comes in! It will not work in the existing door frame.

Hmmm, I do recall the young man in Home Depot telling us that it is RARE, extremely rare, that a door, any door, will fit exactly. Now why is that I want to know? Isn't a front door standard? Shouldn't a front door be standard? Well, I guess after all, size does matter! Must have been a man who designed those doors. After all, 79-1/4" is 80".

By the way! You might have heard that I am one of the blondes that DIY. Oh, I have been doing it yourself, or myself, for so many years.

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