Saturday, August 01, 2009

JaguarJulie Just Finished Summer School

What's that you say? JaguarJulie has just finished Summer School? Huh? Yep, JaguarJulie, as a member of the Giant Squids, attended an 8-week Summer School course to hone her writing skills. In fact, she is already a member of the Giant Squid 100 Club, but still opted to try her hand at Summer School. All the Giant Squids were tasked with a different weekly assignment each Friday. JaguarJulie was chopping at the bit to get that last assignment in and finally get to enjoy her Summer!

Where am I going next? Ah, NO, not Disneyworld or Disneyland -- ha, gotcha on that one! Why it'd be the Jacksonville Zoo! That's where you can find JaguarJulie -- at the Jacksonville Zoo.

By the way, before you head out to visit the Jacksonville Zoo, do pay your respects and visit these lenses that JaguarJulie authored for the 8-week Giant Squid Summer School course. By the way, many have now been deleted!
  • Rocky the Raccoon -- Caption Me!
  • Pug the Cat -- Caption Me!
  • My Mind -- My Most Prized Possession!
  • Meyer's Latin Flair in Jacksonville, FL
  • Thank You Mom!
  • How to Create a Patio With Stone Pavers
  • Our Favorite Tool -- What is Your Favorite Tool?
  • My Favorite Lipstick -- Revealed
  • Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki
  • Jacksonville Zoo -- Your Entertainment Destination
Oh -- and this would be the sounding of the school bell -- the announcement that JaguarJulie is a graduate of Giant Squid Summer School -- oh, for old-timers like her, you can learn new tricks you all.
  • Summer School for Old-Timers -- A Graduate!

time to visit the jacksonville zoo
Wake-up you sleepy head -- meet me at the zoo -- the Jacksonville Zoo!


2 Dogs said...

Hi Julie ~ Until visiting your blog I had never heard of Squidoo. And I thought I'd heard it all!!! :-) Will have to check this site out. Hope you are having a good weekend. Hugs

Julie Ann Brady said...

Hi Pat! Very cool ... would love for you to join me on Squidoo!

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