Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stealing People's Blog Posts is Just NOT Cool

Today I was made aware of another blog that is building their blog from other people's blog posts -- using FULL blog posts to build their blog and then try to sell stuff. Ironically, I was alerted through Google Alerts of this Google blogger stealing content. I have taken the time to leave my comment on those blog posts of mine that I've spotted. Since that blog is stacking some blog posts, I might have missed all the blog posts of mine that they've 'stolen.'

I have made it fully clear that I do not condone them using my content without permission. It seems they have found a number of other people's blogs from which to take content -- full blown blog posts.

The offending party's blog: http://governmentworkathome-admin.blogspot.com

There have been discussions recently on the SquidU Forum about this happening with Squidoo blogs. I'd read that this is sometimes seen as a form of syndication in providing the USED person's blogs or lenses with backlinks and traffic. However, to me this is unauthorized use of other person's content. I was never contacted by that Government Work at Home blog and asked if I would like to have my content used for their purposes of making money!

I have taken the time not only to advise that Google blogger to remove my content, but I have reported them to Google using the online webmaster tools.

Have you spotted your personal content at that Government Work at Home blog?

be the best that you can be - JulieAnnBrady
Be the best that you can be - JulieAnnBrady aka JaguarJulie

So, I penned this blog post in August 2009. It is almost June 2019 and you know what? The content scrapers have littered the internet, literally treating it like a litter box of non-authentic and stolen content. Good Grief! Will this ever end? Will Google decide to not index content scrapers stolen images and content? That would be a start, for sure!!


Unknown said...

I wonder how many people aren't using tools like Google Alerts and are not even aware their content is getting stolen?

I sense a new lens from you Julie!

Jeffryv said...

Check this out JJ

Julie Ann Brady said...

Bill and Jeffry! Thanks you both so much for your help and support. I'm going to have to read up on all that information that Jeffry supplied to understand the blog content 'scrapers' and decide where to go from here.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing trackback links from my squidtop blog which is just like this. They come from different blogs on blogspot but they do the same thing as you mentioned here. Thinking about it I should have reported them to Goggle! I will do this in future now I know more about them!

Julie Ann Brady said...

Carrie, you know I heard different people's takes on this and I am still of the impression that it was NOT my intent that another person could take my FULL blog post and use it for their personal intents to scrape together another blog made up entirely of different people's work -- and have absolutely ZERO unique or authentic content. This is not right. I understand that there are different points of views about syndication and getting backlinks. But because the taker of my content kept my links from within my blog posts does not say stealing is OK provided you give me a backlink. Nope -- I'm not buying that for one minute.

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