Friday, August 07, 2009

Has Social Media Contributed to Your Life Interrupted

Can we be honest? Answer this question, "Has social media contributed to your life interrupted?" Have you found that your daily schedule embraces a variety of social media platforms? That you perhaps kick your day off with some tweets to friends and followers on Twitter? Or do you perhaps connect through Facebook? Or, maybe you are connecting through Squidoo and the Squidu Forum? Or, some other social media platform? What happens to your routine when you find you cannot access those platforms?

Well such was the case on Thursday, August 6, 2009, at approximately 9:20am EST. For me, it was another of my multitasking days with my work job and my online job. I was communicating via tweets just like so many of you. However, when I was hitting the submit button on Twitter, it would spin and spin and spin without sending my tweet. Refreshing helped a couple of times until 9:20am EST. I typed in a tweet and found it wouldn't register. Then, I refreshed the page and totally lost Twitter. For me, I found I could not access Twitter for more than 4 hours; probably closer to 6 hours. OMG, did that NOT seem like a lifetime?

social media interrupted the life of this orange tabby

So, what is this all about? Why do we seem to have such a reliance on Twitter? And, would you have thought one year ago that we would be sitting here talking about this reliance that we have on Twitter? That Twitter has taken hold of our daily lives. Well, I think it is quite a phenomenon.

I've recently been addressing some topicable issues which all taken into consideration raise the need for a reality check! Yes, I think it is time to assess what it is that we are doing -- what really matters? And, maybe thinking to the extreme -- time to 'stop the insanity?'

While you are contemplating some of these issues, may I offer up to you some reading material?
  1. First, you must recognize that you experienced this: Life Interrupted -- Yours, Mine and Ours!
  2. Next, you want to have this: Reality Check by Guy Kawasaki -- Thank you Guy!
  3. Last, go ahead and shout this: Stop the Insanity -- Feel Free to Vent!
Join me on Squidoo to express yourself and get a load off your mind! I know I've gotten LOADS off of my mind over the past several years thanks to Squidoo!

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Julie Ann Brady said...

Ode to my Twitter Followers -- today is Friday, August 7th. It is 10:22am EST. Twitter has been so slow going for me that I find I will be taking a break and tweet later!

Angela - Upon Request said...

I kind of have mixed feelings. While I try not to spend much time on Facebook playing games and such, I do Twitter multiple times a day. It's one of the best ways I've found to promote my articles and blogs, and it's part of my job (I twitter for clients too!).

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