Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great Old Wizard Tickety Boo - A Book by Scott Morton

Why this blog post today? Well, interestingly enough, the other day I was working on my Squidoo lenses but was having difficulty with getting my pages to load. So, it gave me the opportunity to drop into the friendly SquidU Forum to chat with fellow lensmasters. When I asked if Squidoo was Down, another lensmaster mentioned reading that the servers were working 'tickety boo.'

Tickety boo? I've been wondering for a LONG time what tickety boo means and where that expression originated. So, this morning I decided to investigate this on Google. Wow! What an interesting answer to this perplexing question posted by Jay Young in the Urban Dictionary:
1. Going smoothly, doing all right. Copacetic.
2. Proceeding quickly.

The Great Old Wizard Tickety Boo -- a book by Scott Morton This expression may have originated in Scotland, where it's the title of a popular children's song. A song called "Everything Is Tickety-Boo" was recorded by Danny Kaye as part of the film "Merry Andrew". This expression is heard more often in Canada nowadays. May have originated in the British military. Possibly related to the Hindi expression "tickee babu", meaning "everything's alright, sir". Some people spell it "diggity boo" or "tiggity boo".

Searching further on Google, I found an incredibly cool sounding book, The Great Old Wizard Tickety Boo by Scott Morton. After looking for this book on Amazon, I found that you can order the book direct from the author for just £11.99 (P&P in the UK FREE).

Amazon says that this book is Out of Print--Limited Availability.

P.S. March 15, 2009, I have received an email from the author of this book. How very cool is that? Scott Morton is looking for a North American agent -- perhaps we can put find Scott an agent? I hope so!
Thank you for showing interest in my Book, I am a self published Author / Illustrator from Sheffield, England and am looking for an Agent to represent me in the American market place, Do you have any contacts in the Childrens book market that would be able to help me ? Cheers Scott" --Scott Morton


MiMi said...

First read that phrase over at Fluff's. Love the way it rolls off the tongue. ...On the other hand, if things were working rudy poo, it would be no wonder you're having trouble with the Squid. :D

Julie Ann Brady said...

Yep -- that'd be where I first read the phrase on the dashboard. I usually check in to see if the Squidoo servers have any issues and can honestly say that each and every time, I've seen that they are running "tickety-boo!" ;)

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