Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Spotted Trend Polka Dots

It's a spot-light on Polka Dots [dot] [dot] [dot] ... Polka dots have been forecasted to be a hot trend that is continuing into the next season. They're not something that's new, but have also been a HOT trend for the past season. It's amazing how polka dots are showing up more and more in a vast variety of items from clothing to accessories to shoes to jewelry. And, they're not just for women and kids, but mens fashions as well.

I've been a fan of polka dots since way back. My favorite polka dot outfit is my black and white polka dot swing sundress with Marilyn Monroe type matching polka dot shoes and handbag. I've actually included a little picture of me in that very dress.

Say, did you ever wonder about the origin of polka dots? Well, would you believe? The history of polka dots reveal an ancient origin! They first became common on clothing in the mid to late nineteenth century in Britain, at the same time as polka music. The music, and its corresponding dance, became the height of fashion in Prague in 1835, arriving in London in 1842.

Want to know more? I authored the FIRST and original Squidoo lens on Polka Dots! Since the lens was first created on April 13, 2006, I've seen polka dots popping up literally everywhere! You'll find many trendy and cool polka dot items that I've selected to include in my lens to get you in on all the fun. After all, you've got to be ready to have fun when you wear polka dots!

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