Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Corset Dresses, Uber-Sexy Dresses with Bustiers or Bras

Corset Dresses, Uber-Sexy Dresses with Bustiers or Bras! They are stylish and trendy; naughty and nice; and definitely very sexy!

Do you remember when Madonna caused quite a stir wearing her bra in public?

Then there was Britney Spears whose bra was pulled from an auction on eBay. Celebrities have made the corset dress, and bustier dresses, a very popular fashion these days.

A recent search on eBay spotted over 1,000 corset dresses in auctions and over 1,500 in stores--nearly triple the results of a previous search!

Well, now the "bra" has progressed or grown-up, if you will, to be a bit more acceptable and it's part of the new rage of bra dresses or bustier dresses or corset dresses. The corset dress pictured here is a Just Cavalli--it's really quite unique with lots of detailed styling. It's Italian fashion at its finest.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first widely-known star celebrities to popularize a sexy corset back in her heydey. Got to see a picture of this?

Check out my article on Corset Dresses! If you're ready to learn more AND possibly splurge on that sexy corset dress, you'll be delighted to see the gorgeous styles available.

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