Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thanks Google for Blogger

I love Google! Thanks Google for Blogger! I have learned to appreciate and love blogging thanks all to the power of Google. I would love to work for or with Google in almost any capacity, well except cleaning the toilets. I draw the line on cleaning toilet seats. Do you know how many germs you can pick up on a toilet seat? Listen up; I'd camp out in a tent [with air-conditioning] to get a job at Google. Hello Google people? Hire me please. I am JaguarJulie and I would love to work for or with Google in almost any capacity. Please Google!

I am a Google blogger known as Jaguar Julie Blog On since 2004! This here blog, folks! For the most part, I'm known verbally as a 'woman of few words.' But, you get me passionate about something or really riled up, well I can then become pretty prolific when it comes to the 'written word.' I'm kind of feeling pretty riled up today ... you might have noticed that? Actually the riling up has been building since about March 2012.

Blogging? Why, what a good thing it is to blog and write authentically and creatively on your blog. It's a good thing to talk about other people's content on your blog too ... provided you don't plagiarize them or steal their content and make it look like it is your content! You know?

My very first blog post was on December 22, 2004, inspired by a Microsoft Live Meeting sponsored webinar entitled "Blogging For Business" presented by Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners and Anil Dash of Six Apart. I got the message about blogging online being a good thing!

"It's the Big "T" -- Take time out for blogging you all." I said that! By the way, I picked that pretty picture of very colourful pencils because that's what I think of blogging. Blogging should be compelling and colourful and inviting.

So, are you blogging? Why not leave me a comment about your blog as a comment on this blog post. There was a time when people left blog comments. I miss them. I miss my blog peeps!

UPDATE: It is 2019 and I have been dealing with a host of content scrapers who stole my copyrighted images and content and are indexed on Google ... many times with stolen content above the original content! Google HELP ... help to fix this. Do not rank content scrapers.


MSchaut said...

You have lots of friends who love your blogging and always have!

I'm thrilled you are back at it with a vengeance, your passion and your charm.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Margaret, hey! Nice to see you. Well, I personally would LOVE to say that I worked for Google. Always been a fan of theirs. Thanks for the support!

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