Friday, July 20, 2012

Peter Pan Agapanthus

Such a beautiful blue funnel-shaped bloom captivates the Peter Pan Aganpanthus. The beautiful presentation of the blue delicate blooms atop the slender green stem of foliage is truly like art! I can well imagine that Claude Monet was mesmerized by the beauty of the Peter Pan Aganpanthus when he painted "Water Lilies and Agapanthus."

After having 3 large multiple water oaks removed from my backyard, I was presented with a challenge. What flowers do I now add to this vast open space? I had my heart set on sunny sunflowers but was unable to find any locally. Since we are into the heat of summer, sunflowers would struggle to survive. So, my next choice was the Peter Pan Agapanthus!

Peter Pan Agapanthus - Agapanthus africanus Peter Pan
Here is a sneak peek at the two Peter Pan Agapanthus which I planted next to my patio pavers project.

Planting: It is recommended that you dig a hole twice the width of the pot. For me, this was a bit of a challenge as the soil is saturated with the root bed from the removed water oaks. Next, you want to set your root ball into the middle of the hole so that it matches up even with the ground. I opted to add some nutritious planting soil around the root ball and then covered over the area with the ground soil. I patted down around the plant and then watered to wet the soil around the plants. I've not yet added mulch as I have plenty of that spread throughout the rest of the yard from the ground stumps of the removed water oaks.

Care and Maintenance: Watering should be semi-moist. Fertilize monthly. Prune by dividing in the Spring or Fall. Spacing should be 12 to 18 inches. Mine are about 18 inches apart. Growth rate is considered medium. Average size is 12 to 18 inches in height and width. I believe mine are already the top of the average scale! These are pretty cold hardy and should weather 20 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why not decorate the inside of your home with Agapanthus? I've found a few decorative designer items which caught my eye! I'm thinking of securing a complete set of the Agapanthus placemats, coasters, and mugs! Bring the Agapanthus inside!

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