Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Periodontal Disease and Gum Issues

Periodontal Disease and gum issues affect more of the population than you might imagine. Do you have regular dental checkups? Gum issues can easily impact 50% of the population. Left unchecked, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease which left unchecked can lead to health issues, loss of bone, and tooth loss.

The other day, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about Whoopi Goldberg. It was a fun exercise to take the ABC TV personality quiz about which cohost of The View fit my personality. When I learned it was Whoopi Goldberg, I was surprised at the irony of this personality match. You see, I had earlier in the morning learned that Whoopi also has faced serious gum issues with periodontal disease!

Periodontal disease. Gum issues. Over half the population reportedly has gum or gingivitis issues. Not taking care of those gum issues can lead to serious periodontal disease, other related health issues and tooth loss. So, back to Whoopi Goldberg and The View. I was looking at other dentists who participate locally in the VantageOne Dental Plan. I was comparison shopping for dental care and came upon a Whoopi Goldberg video in which she is talking about her swollen face and periodontal disease.

The new dentist has me down for treatment on July 24, 2012. And, the visit is projected to be both painful to my gums and painful to my pocketbook!

Visit #1 Charges:
D4342.2 Perio Scale/Root Plan 1-3 teeth $179.00
D4999.5 Soft Tissue Curettage $65.00
D4342.2 Perio Scale/Root Plan 1-3 teeth $179.00
D4999.5 Soft Tissue Curettage $65.00
D4342.4 Perio Scale/Root Plan 1-3 teeth $224.00
D4999.5 Soft Tissue Curettage $65.00
Non-discounted charges Total: $777.00

Visit #2 Charges:
D4910 Periodontal Therapy $122.00

When the financial gal shared these expected charges with me, I was heard to say something like "What the hell?" She replied, "What do you mean?" I said, "Holy smokes those are expensive charges for one visit?" The VantageOne Dental Plan was presented to me. For an annual premium of $48.00, I could get 25% off these treatment charges. Joining the plan reduced my first visit charges to $582.25. Holy smokes folks! They are breaking my payments up into 3 consecutive monthly payments of $194.08!

Recommended minimal daily dental treatment includes these three times per day:

I guess the good news in all of this is that I do have a fabulous set of teeth and a great smile with no real teeth issues, like cavities. I don't want to lose those fabulous teeth and find that I have an artificial smile one day. Now that the research is looking more closely at gum issues and overall health, it makes more sense than you might imagine to take care of your teeth and gums! No longer is it enough to brush and floss twice or three times a day! You need to visit a dentist regularly. I know that, but for the sake of money, I skipped going to the dentist and now I am seriously going to have to pay for it!

"What the hell?" Ah, Whoopi Goldberg! At least I am in the company of a quirky woman. "Play that funky music white boy!"

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