Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 12 Year Anniversary on eBay

Time tends to fly in the internet world. I completely forgot that on July 15, 2012, I celebrated 12 years on eBay. Can you imagine that? When I first began selling online, it was twelve years ago. I ultimately qualified to be a powerseller before I stopped selling on eBay and ventured on to Overstock then iOffer and finally eCrater.

So, it was today that I received a very nice email from eBay. At first, I thought it might be a phishing attempt as I haven't been all that active on eBay lately. Checking out the email, it appeared to be for real. Here's a peek at that email message!

Congratulations! It's your 12-year eBay anniversary!

Thank you John Donahue for this thoughtful gesture! Too many times when you operate in the online world of various sites, you don't get thanked appropriately. So, it is nice to get a personal thank you email from such a powerhouse of an ecommerce site.

It was suggested that I download and print my eBay Community Member Anniversary Certificate and display it proudly. They said, "You've earned it!" Ah, isn't that the nicest gesture!  OK, folks! I am now proudly displaying my certificate for all to see.

Happy Anniversary! eBay Community Member Anniversary Certificate

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