Monday, April 24, 2006

Best Bags from a Self-Described Bag-a-holic

I'm a self-described "bag-a-holic" as I own a few hundred bags, have bought and sold bags online for a number of years, and search for bags everyday. But, by no means would I assume the title of "bag lady" as I believe plenty of others have claimed that dubious distinction.

Somedays I feel downright bag-gy as I travel the many paths that the internet brings to my door. I have seen so many styles, shapes, colors, and brands [genuine and not so genuine] of bags that it boggles my mind for sure! How can there be that many kinds of handbags? That's what my hubby would like to know too!

A bag is a purse or sack or handbag. To us ladies, it is an essential component of our wardrobe! We've got to have the right bag to go with our new outfit ... plus a pair of shoes! This lens presents my interpretation of the "Best Bags" --no matter what the price-- as I see them. Trust me as this is a tough task to present my "Top Ten" as it's like comparing apples with oranges or trying to pick your favorite child!

P.S. Bag in Hungarian, is táska which comes from the Italian tasca.

My top 5 best bags ever:
  1. Givenchy Baguette
  2. La Tour Eiffel Papillon Bow Barrel
  3. Banana Republic Tangiers
  4. Chanel Black Hobo
  5. Dooney & Bourke Pink Ostrich Domed Satchel
I've written many an article over the years on the subject of Best Bags as I see them. All in all, I've always been a big fan of the designer Givenchy! Take a look at my blog post on my Givenchy Designer Handbag and Accessories collection.

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