Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seeing Spots? It's actually Polka Dots the latest fashion trend

Seeing Spots? It's actually Polka Dots, the latest fashion trend! Are you ready for Spring? Want to be in style and have a little fun while you're at it? Why not try some polka dots! Yes, polka dots are back in style again this season. I personally have always favored polka dots and have variety of my own dresses, shoes, and handbags. You can also find a variety of polka dot items that I've got listed for sale.

How about this cute little handbag? This has been one of the most popular styles that I've carried. It's a petite bucket tote that comes in various patterns--genuine leather + moc croc detailing, suede + leather, hearts + dragonflies + butterflies screenprinted, and now polka dots! What sets this pretty tote off from other similarly-sized handbags is the pretty antique-style, heart-shaped silvertone handles. These handles are such unique carrying handles that are like jewelry accents. Everytime I carry my handbag, I set it on the table in front of me. You can't believe all the compliments I get on my bag.

Say, did you ever wonder about the origin of polka dots? Well, according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the history of polka dots reveal an ancient origin.

"They first became common on clothing in the mid to late nineteenth century in Britain, at the same time as polka music. The music, and its corresponding dance, became the height of fashion in Prague in 1835, arriving in London in 1842. The first recorded instance of "polka dot" was in 1884.

It was named after the dance, probably because the clothes became fashionable at the same time. The word derives from the Czech word for a polish woman, although it may also owe its origin the the Czech word "pulka", meaning half, as in the half-steps in Bohemian peasant dances."

I wrote a very special article on polka dots - a spotted trend. Are YOU seeing spots??

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