Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Do you have a celebrity look-a-like

Do you have a celebrity look-a-like?  I do! How many times have people stopped you on the street to ask, "Hey, you know who you look like?" Has anyone ever stopped you and asked for your autograph? Well, maybe you need to check out a new website! Let me tell you more about it.

This past week, while listening to a local NBC affiliate morning news program, I heard about the website, You can sign up to be a member quickly and then upload photos of yourself to discover what celebrities you resemble.

After the face recognition program captures your facial characteristics, it searches its database and matches it to celebrities. Well, this sounded like fun to me, so I took a little break from my normal routine and gave the website a try. Honestly, I tried it more than once!

After the program ran the first time, I found that I bore a 72% resemblance to Shirley Temple with one of my recent pictures. See the picture above.

That same picture prompted the following additional celebrities resemblances, with associated percentages:
  1. Julie Christie 71%
  2. Samantha Fox 70%
  3. Brigitte Bardot 70%
  4. Jennifer Jason Leigh 66%
  5. Jamie Lynn Spears 66%
  6. Olivia Newton-John 63%

This particular picture of me returned these match results:
  1. Eva Mendes 67%
  2. Gwen Stefani 62% [shown above in the picture]
  3. Joni Mitchell 61%
  4. Jami Lynn Spears 55%
You'll need to check out my website to read about my additional celebrity look-a-likes! [Update: I hid that page.]

And, if you want to find out for yourself what celebrity you resemble, by all means check out for yourself.

P.S. They don't pay me to send you their way!

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