Monday, February 27, 2012

Givenchy Designer Handbag Collection For Sale

Givenchy Signature Brown and Tan Tote
My favorite designer is Givenchy! For years, I have been building my personal Givenchy collection. Now, I am presenting some selected designer handbags from my Givenchy Designer Handbag Collection. Those included in this blog post have all been stored in their dust covers, in a clean environment, and never used.

The first Givenchy item is one of my favorites. It is a larger, tote size handbag that sports the signature Givenchy GG logo design. I love the contrasting chocolate with tan colors, along with the chocolate leather trim and tassels. The Givenchy Signature Brown and Tan Tote is a "wow!"

Givenchy Signature Logo Chocolate Mini
If you love the look of the Givenchy tote, but want a baguette or smaller, clutch style bag, I've got it! Check out the Givenchy Signature Logo Chocolate Mini. It measures approximately 8-1/2 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches high by 2-1/2 inches in depth at the base of the purse. At the bottom, is a double side-stitched chocolate leather base. This little bag was purchased at the Paris International Airport. I have the original purchase receipt as documentation of its authenticity.

Givenchy Signature Logo Black and Gray
Perhaps you prefer a Givenchy designer bag in black and gray? I just so happen to have the pouchette bag in a black and gray!  I really love the styling of the Givenchy GG logo. And, the double fringe tassels definitely make this little bag. It's the perfect size pouchette for a gal's night out. It will easily carry your cellphone, lipstick, mirror, brush, and a small wallet.

Givenchy Signature Logo Pouchette

Looking for a less structured little pouch bag? I've got the Givenchy Signature Logo Pouchette. This adorable Givenchy item sports the signature logo fabric in a black and chocolate color. You may opt to use it as a fancy cosmetic pouch bag. It works equally well as a little clutch bag. It is accented with a double-stitched leather carrying handle, with double-stitched black leather at the top opening.

Givenchy Chocolate Pumpkin Bag
Last, but surely not the least, is an incredible chocolate brown leather Givenchy Pumpkin bag. I can't begin to tell you just how fabulous this pumpkin bag is! I love love love the fringe tassels! This is the kind of designer handbag that you would see on the runway. You might expect to pay over a thousand dollars for such a stylish bag.

Thanks for viewing these specially selected designer handbags from my Givenchy Designer Handbag Collection.

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Here is an overall view of my Givenchy Designer Collection as it was presented at my JaguarJulie website. You get a peek at some of the jewelry items I also have! If you are interested in acquiring from me any item in my designer collection, leave me a comment on this blog post and I will respond.

JaguarJulie Givenchy Designer Collection
JaguarJulie's Givenchy Designer Collection

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