Tuesday, February 28, 2012

La Tour Eiffel Bow Barrel Handbag

Ever been to Paris, France? I'm definitely not bragging, but I have been there. In fact it was for Valentine's Day in 2003 that I made the trip, with my now ex hubby! We were celebrating our wedding anniversary. Yes, people really do get married on Valentine's Day. Oh, and here is the proof that I was there!

La Tour Eiffel : The Eiffel Tower : Jaguar Julie
It was a slightly foggy day and quite chilly. You probably can't make it out, but the faux fur coat that I am wearing, is adorned with large, colorful hearts!! I planned that; you know? Our anniversary, Paris, a heart coat. Ah! Oh, and I also had on some furry earmuffs and warm gloves.

The point of all this information? I love Paris, France, that's #1. #2, I love La Tour Eiffel : The Eiffel Tower. And, I am talking about the tower in Paris, France and the incredible La Tour Eiffel handbag and accessories brand. I've authored a Squidoo lens on this very multi-topic! I've been a Brand Ambassador for a number of years for the La Tour Eiffel brand of handbags and accessories.

By the way, I was offering up a very special related handbag : La Tour Eiffel Chocolate and Tan Bow Barrel Handbag in my eCrater store. Whilst it is difficult to zero in on one favorite bag, I do believe this barrel bag tops my list.
La Tour Eiffel Chocolate and Tan Bow Barrel Handbag
This classy barrel handbag comes with the gray La Tour Eiffel dust cover. It has been stored in a clean environment and never used. The attached tag lists the model as E-8442/11. It measures 12 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches wide by 5-1/2 inches in depth. It has a double magnetic button top closure and double leather handles. The interior is lined with the silky signature La Tour Eiffel fabric. There is a long zippered pocket on the interior side.

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Unknown said...

That is quite a nice bag! I'll need to keep this in mind next time I'm searching for gifts for my wife.

P.S. - we LOVE the Eiffel Tower, too!

Paul Michael Bedell

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