Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hayden-Harnett Kira Leather Clutch Wallet

Are you familiar with the Hayden-Harnett brand? I've been a fan of theirs since early 2006.

Did you know that "Designer Toni Hacker and her boyfriend Ben Harnett decided to start their company on April Fool's Day, 2005?" "They've taken their small leather goods venture far and have since collaborated on designer collections at the invitation of Target and Walt Disney Signature." --Hayden-Harnett about us.

Following their brand over the past several years, I have seen much growth. I've also seen a LOT of designer items that have tickled my fancy. I'd say that they have arrived!

Hayden-Harnett Kira Clutch Wallet Brandy
I have been a Brand Ambassador for Hayden-Harnett for a lot of years. Over the years, I have purchased a variety of designer items from them, including a handbag, wallet, shoes, and dress!  One of my all-time favorites is this little goodie. I found the Kira Clutch Wallet in Brandy selling for $195.00 on the Hayden-Harnett website. I also found the Kira Clutch Wallet in Black on the Hayden-Harnett website.

By the way, I truly love the photographic quality of the designer items that you can find at Hayden-Harnett. Not only are their designer items quite delicious in person, but the photographs definitely present the designer items in their best light. My goal is to learn how to capture photos as good as theirs!!

Hayden-Harnett Kira Leather Clutch Wallet
When I purchased my  Kira Leather Clutch Wallet in Brandy, I admired it for a long time and then stored it away in the Hayden-Harnett white dust cover AND never used it. The tag is still attached. Recently, I was going through my stored away items and came upon the wallet!

So, now I am offering this Hayden-Harnett Kira Leather Clutch Wallet for sale! It comes with a H-N Logo plate on the front. Inside, there is a lot going on with a frame compartment, twelve credit card pockets, open ID pocket, three bill pockets, interior zipper pocket, pinsnap closure.

On the interior, is a beautiful and bold fabric lining that is rather mod with light teal, gold and brown swirls. The clutch wallet unfolds to a height of 12 inches. It is 7-1/2 inches wide by 4-1/4 inches high when closed.  I am offering my Hayden-Harnett Kira Leather Clutch Wallet for sale at $115.00.

Footnote: May I personally encourage you to visit Hayden-Harnett today! If you opt to purchase something from their website, and get the chance, tell them Jaguar Julie sent you! They are some great people. You know, when I am in the market for handbags, wallets, shoes, and apparel, they are my first go-to source online!

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