Thursday, July 16, 2009

What is your primary color

What is your primary color -- have your taken the test? This morning I received an email from Sarah Martin of The Institute for Personal Growth which introduced me to Rick Smith who is debuting his new Primary Color Assessment. There was the invitation to take 15 minutes of my time to answer a series of questions, by selecting what was most like me and conversely what was least like me. I must admit, I don't always have an easy time with these types of questions, but I gave it the old college-try. The hook? I was asked, "Are you willing to invest 15 minutes of your day to potentially change the direction (and outcome) of your career?" Ah, yes! That was my answer.

So I took the challenge! So what is my primary color at the moment? Well I was a bit surprised because I love the color red and also the color yellow and the color fuchsia and other BRIGHT colors. My primary color? Hey, I am New Fallen Snow! What does that mean? Well according to my color assessment,

People who fall in to this color group are relatively new and far between. You have an excellent balance among the primary colors combining Leadership, Curiosity and Execution. It is likely that you enjoy and are good at most of the primary aspects of general management, though you may sometmes have difficulty making a firm decision and moving on.

new fallen snow
Did you know that New Fallen Snow is smack dab in the middle of that color spectrum? That's pretty interesting. According to the percentage results, I'm 91% curiosity, 91% execution, and 90% leadership.

The snapshot below shows you your results when you complete the primary color assessment test. You know, I remember taking a test when I was in college -- something about what color is my parachute!

At the moment, I'm checking out the "So What" and "Now What" to figure out what New Fallen Snow means -- and if I need an action plan! So, what is your primary color -- hey, why not take that test and then come back here and leave me a comment -- I'm interested to hear what the primary color is for my friends and fellow Squidoo lensmasters!

my primary color is new fallen snow


glyph said...

That was a pretty cool test, and I agree with the results. Well, Picachu Yellow is an odd color, but it is 93% curiosity, 93% execution, and 11% leadership. Not at all surprised about the leadership...I prefer working alone.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Ah Debra -- the color yellow is one of my 'love' colors -- the color of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Interesting test :) I'm a Jazzberry Jam. Curiosity 49% Execution 0% Leadership 25%

Julie Ann Brady said...

Wow, Carrie! That is a really cool sounding name for a color -- Jazzberry Jam! I'd actually buy a jam, if it was named that.

Julie Ann Brady said...

An Update: I finally got my hubby to pull himself away from his work and take the Primary Color test. I think he broke it! His color came back as "undefined!" Can you imagine that? A bug in the program. I've asked him kindly to please take that test again -- but in his business, he shudders at rework!

Rich said...

My test came back with the color 'Brass Band'. It's a shade of green, and somwhat ironic as my favorite color is green. Brass Band? Does this mean I'm blowing my own trumpet? lol!

Curiosity 56%, Execution 72%, Leadeship 15%.

Julie Ann Brady said...

Bonnie -- that sounds like a cool color -- brass band! Toot toot!

B. Adrian said...

New Fallen Snow i have the same color as u.. i`m 23 acording to that it will be ok :D

Unknown said...

Hey Jaguar Julie, it's Rick Smith (the person who created the Primary Color test). Thanks for blogging about it! We have already had 100,000 page views in just the last two months.

I am sorry your husband had trouble. I think that glitch has been fixed. All he would have to do is go to the home page (, click on "already have a login", and reenter his email and password, and it will take him straight to the results page.

Finally, my new book, The Leap, comes out Sept 17. Send me an address (email to, and I will be happy to send you an early copy.


Julie Ann Brady said...

Rick! ~waving~ as it is great to "see" you this morning. I surely enjoyed your primary color test and found it really interesting that my results put me smack dab in the middle of ALL that color. I've always thought of myself as a brightly colored type of person, as does my hubby. So, finding that I was "New Fallen Snow" was pretty interesting. I'd love to get an early copy of your new book! Thank you.


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