Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Let's get analytical and look at that bottom line

Normally, an analytical type blog post such as this one would be earmarked to appear on the Topicability blog, but today is a special day -- July 29th is the one year anniversary of Seth Godin's remarkable Triiibes! For me, having that opportunity to be a part of such a remarkable group -- well, I have been changed and it is all good. Thank you Seth Godin. Thank you fellow Triiibesmates!

So, let's get analytical and look at that bottom line shall we? How many times have you read a lens, article, or blog post from someone saying that they've earned hundreds of dollars in a day online. Really? Well, I know it can be done -- want to sell a quality book, an art print, poster, or maybe a mousepad? Pick the right one and you might see a hundred dollars in royalties for that sale or sales.

For me, I'm looking at the moment at my bottomline and putting the other side of my brain into drive to get analytical. For those of you following along, I'm looking at my big earners of all my lenses. That's a handy tab that can do some summary calculations to give you an idea of how well you are doing in banked royalties.

Some interesting tidbits that I am willing to share today:
  • 2 big earner lenses are in the top tier for additional royalties
  • 9 big earner lenses are in the second tier for additional royalties
  • 2-3 big earner lenses are lowly ranked to be out of the additional royalties
  • The remainder of big earner lenses are in the third tier to earn $0.08 perhaps each!
  • Average LR of all big earner lenses = 29,344


Julie Ann Brady said...

So I'm wondering? What is your lowest lensrank for a lens that is in the royalties? For me, 98,019!

2 Dogs said...

Hi Julie. No I have not tried bay leaf yet. I had never used lemon juice or brown sugar in my stuffed cabbage before but loved it. I love to cook when I have time and I'm always on the lookout for a good recipe. Let me know if you have any to share. Thanks and hugs!

Patti Cakes

Julie Ann Brady said...

Thank you Patti Cakes for dropping by -- just popped back in to your delightful blog to say hi and offer up a couple of my recipes, Stuffed Cabbage and Chicken Red Curry -- Thai Style.

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