Saturday, May 17, 2008

Expanding Your Lens Publishing Power

Expanding Your Lens Publishing Power :: A Squidoo How-To From a Mega Giant Squid! Hot off the presses of Squidu Review ...

Hello Lensmasters!The question is often asked on the forum, “How long is too long for a lens?” The answer varies, depending on the topic of the lens, the target audience, the types of modules, etc. However, if you are thinking about breaking your lens into smaller parts, or creating new ones to showcase new information, additional lenses can boost your linking power and give you new opportunities to get found online.

This week, Giant Squid Jaguar Julie teaches us how to expand your lens repertoire by creating new lenses from old ones.


Making New Lenses Out of Old Lenses

As Squidoo fanatics, many of us have loooooong lenses that we developed on our favorite topics. Is this the best way to go? There’s nothing wrong with a few long lenses, but many smaller lenses to compliment them can be very powerful as well.

When your readers notice that you have several lenses on one topic, they’ll be more interested in seeing what you have to say. “The more you have to say about one topic, the more people will think you know about it.” says Kimberly Dawn Wells. And, not only that, but “more lenses equals more links equals more opportunity to be found.”

You can take what Kimberly says “to the bank” as your Squidoo royalties will increase with more focused lenses too! How does that work?

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