Sunday, March 16, 2008

Who is Jaguar Julie on Squidoo

Who is Jaguar Julie on Squidoo? This Lensography, Jaguar Julie Lensography, hopes to answer that question as inquiring minds want to know!

I took on the name of "Jaguar Julie" when the Jacksonville Jaguars first hit town! That name became the name of my "brand" that has been primarily marketed online. Several years ago, as a supporter of Mark Brunell, our former quarterback, I sold his NFL, Premium Collection, Limited Treasures collectible bear. When Mark Brunell left town for the Washington Redskins, I later donated hundreds of these collectible bears to his local charity which benefits children.

This lensography was featured on March 7, 2008 as Lens of the Day [LOTD] making it the first of its kind to be a LOTD. No, my lensography was NOT the first lensography as there are many other lensographies to be found on Squidoo.

So, what did the honors of LOTD do for my rankings? Thanks to the wonderful people of Squidoo [there are so many cool people behind the scenes that I love each and everyone of them and would love to invite them over for dinner anytime], most importantly to all my wonderful visitors [xoxoxo] who visited my lens, and more particularly to those who took time to leave a 5 star rating [an extra xoxoxoxoxo], bah to those few who DID leave me a ONE STAR RATING* [God knows who you are!], LOTD took my lens to #1 in People! I forgot to thank God -- hey, did you know that Seth Godin is Squidoo King and actually has "god" in his name??? -- mom, dad, and those wonderful Dominican nuns with the rulers!!!

Yes, LOTD took my lens to #1 in People, and also helped to take my lens to #10 overall ranking amongst all lenses and #3 in top giants lenses. Thank you to the graciousness of Squidoo for picking my lens after TWO FULL YEARS of knocking my brains out coming up with ideas and burning up the keyboards, along with suffering through my first hard drive crash!!!

Stop by and visit me sometime ... maybe you too will be inspired enough to build your own Squidoo lens? Come on, what are YOU waiting for???

* P.S. If you are feeling regrets or a tad remorseful, you can go back and up those stars!
P.P.S. I want to adopt Gil !!! xoxoxo

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