Sunday, March 02, 2008

Become a Squidoo lensmaster

What are you waiting for? Get in on the action over at Squidoo. Become a Squidoo lensmaster. Create a lens; start a debate if you dare! I'm over there waiting for you.

Do you know that creating a lens is quick and easy? It's also a great way to express yourself and actually focus your thoughts into one concise topic ... so unlike the helter-skelter of today's information world that has your mind going in every which direction creating mass confusion and TMI. A Squidoo lens allows you to pick ONE TOPIC and focus on just that ONE TOPIC.

I've been a Squidoo member and lensmaster now for precisely 2 years. I'm up to over 300 lenses along with 6 groups.

If you're a Jacksonville, Florida resident, supporter or just plain HAVE a lens about this great city, I encourage you to join Squidoo. Join me!

P.S. So! Would you believe it has now been almost five years since Squidoo transferred its content to HubPages? I followed that journey for one month and then retired my articles to my Google blogs. Time flies.

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