Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little White Dresses LWDs

Little White Dresses -- LWDs. It's a fashion statement, much like the Little Black Dress, that can be worn for all seasons -- not just for weddings.

I've been a fan of the Little Black Dress aka LBD for far too many years to count. To me, a Little White Dress aka LWD is another trendy item to include in your wardrobe. What's that you ask, "White, how can that be?" Yes, you see that the LWD has quietly gained in popularity, thanks in part to a host of celebrities.

A LWD can be a good alternative to the LBD. What's cool about wearing a LWD is that you can accessorize however you like! Oh, there is one caveat though, please do not wear a LWD to a wedding unless, of course, you ARE the bride.

Well, you'll find that I devoted an entire Squidoo lens to the LWD. In my lens, the first of its kind on Squidoo, I gave you more information on how trendy the LWD is today, along with showcasing some great fashion choices!

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